Procedural Code

Awards, Prizes and Programmes:

1. Awards and Prizes
2. [[Recognition_for_Outstanding_Special_Service]]
3. Candidate_Loan_Panel_Procedures_revised
4. [[CERP_Appeals_ Process]]

Board and Committees:

5. [[Role_of_Board_Members]]
6. Functions of the Executive Committee
7. Operating Procedures for IPA Committees

Congresses and Conferences:

8. Biennial Congress Planning 
9. Policy on Conferences


10. Rules, Limits and Procedures for IPA Elections
11. Election of the Three Representatives to serve on the Executive Committee
12. [[Election_of_Honorary_Officers]]


13. [[Ethical_Principles]]
14. Non Discrimination Policy
15. [[Statement_on_Torture]]


16. [[dues]]
17. [[Policy_on_the_Disclosure_of_Financial_Information]]
18. [[Reserves_Policy]]
19. Policy on IPA Subsidies to Visiting Committees
20. Financial_Procedures_Budgetary_Process_Revised
21. Financial_Procedures_Reimbursement_revised

International New Groups and Allied Centres:

22. [[IPA_Procedures_on_the_Development_of_New_Psychoanalytic_Groups]]
23. Policy Regarding Study Group Members Payment of Local and IPA Dues
24. Procedures for the Establishment and Maintenance of Centres Allied to the IPA

Membership and Training:

25. Equivalency Procedures for Assessing Individual Applicants for IPA Membership
26. Requirements for the Appointment of Training Analysts
27. [[Requirements_ for_Training_in_CAP_FR]]
29. [[Education_and_Oversight_Procedures]]
30. [[Direct_Members]]


31. [[Travel_Policy]]
32. [[Fundraising_Policy]]
33. IPSO Procedures and Policies
34. Privacy Policy
35. [[Advertising_and_Listing_Policy]]
36. [[Managing_Conflicts_of_Interest]]