IPA 49th Congress
Changing World: The shape and use of psychoanalytic tools today,

22-25 JULY 2015
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Jornada de Investigaciòn

11-12 JULIO 2014
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Open Days 2014, APAS

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Segunda Feria del libro Psicoanalítico
Buenos Aires, Argentina

30 AGOSTO 2014
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The Humanizing Potential of Psychoanalysis
Australian Psychoanalytical Society

8-10 AUGUST 2014
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Deuxième Colloque international
Effets traumatiques et anti-traumatiques de l’écrit

11 OCTOBRE 2014
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SEXUALIDAD. Una búsqueda sin fin
VIII Congreso de APU

15-16 AGOSTO

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7th International Conference on the
work of Frances Tustin
Boston, USA

24-27 JULY 2014
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Congreso Fepal 2014. Realidades y ficciones.
3-6 Septiembre

3-6 SEPTEMBER 2014
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PCCA: European Victims and Perpetrators Now and Then An Experiential Working Conference in the Series “The Past in the Present”
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Matte Blanco International Congress: The Unconscious Power of Analogy

29-31 AUGUST 2014
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English Speaking Centenary Weekend Conference - INSTITUTE OF PSYCHOANALYSIS

19-21 SEPTEMBER 2014
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Code of Ethics Review
Take part in the review process and help shape the new Code of Ethics.
For IPA Members Only.

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The Social Responsibility of the Analyst
What is the analyst's responsibility to
its socio-economic environment?

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Football All Over

Can psychoanalysis help to understand the fascination that football has for millions of people?

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Have your Say
What do you think of the website? Its content? Design?
Feedback on what is important for you on your website.

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House Swap
Swap homes with IPA members and enjoy free accommodation worldwide.
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