Together with the Psychoanalytic
Psychodynamic Research Society
 Yale University, July 12-17, 2015

We are pleased to announce the 2015 Annual Research Training Programme.The Programme will be focused around the research of attending Fellows and discussed by an international Faculty of IPA Visiting Professors in Psychoanalytic Research. The programme will be held from Sunday 12 July (pm) to Friday 17 July (am) 2015 and will be based at the Yale University School of Medicine Child Study Center, New Haven, Connecticut, USA.

As in previous years, the aims of this highly successful and popular programme of lectures and seminars will be to provide an intensive training in empirical and conceptual approaches to psychoanalytic research in a number of areas including: psychotherapy, personality and psychopathology, attachment and parenting, social neuroscience, developmental processes, neurocognitive functioning, psychoanalytic process and outcome and clinical/conceptual research.  Attending faculty will be announced by early 2015 and will include scholars in psychoanalytic research from the US, Europe, and South America.

A central part of the experience for trainees will be the opportunity to present and discuss their own research projects and research goals with members of the faculty and other participants. The curriculum will include an introduction to current research methods, as well as particular applications as exemplified by the research programmes of members of the Faculty.  Interested applicants can read more details of the programme, its goals and a review of its first two years in the Guest Editorial of the International Journal of Psychoanalysis vol 78, no. 4, pp 643‑651 (1997).  Descriptions and findings of IPA funded research projects can be found on

The programme will offer constructive and critical reviews of projects in a way that should facilitate grant‑writing and fundraising and thus provide additional opportunities for continuing psychoanalytic research.  We also anticipate that participants of the Research Training Programme will benefit from networking skills with consultants and collaborators for their future work. They will join an active network of Research Fellows attending both IPA and similar programs in the US and spanning the globe but in active contact by e-mail, list-serves and conferences.

Each fellow is invited to present a poster at the Joseph Sandler Research Conference, which will follow the RTP (July 18-19). The topic of the conference is: Parenting, Neuroscience, and Intervention.  It would be most welcome if some of the fellows could present research projects focusing on this topic. The combination of the RTP with the Sandler Conference is intended to allow an intensive exchange between young researchers and clinicians.

We hope to provide participants with access to relatively inexpensive accommodation with suggestions of alternative hotel accommodation nearby. We expect that participants will be able to spend time with each other and Faculty members, both as part of the teaching programme and outside scheduled events. The Faculty members are John Auerbach, John Clarkin, Robert Emde, Andrew Gerber, Steve Huprich, Kim Hunter-Schaedle, Marianne Leuzinger-Bohleber, Linda Mayes, Kevin Meehan, David Reiss and Jane Tillman.

Deadline:  May 30, 2015

Those interested should write to:

Linda Mayes, with copy to

The application (please keep to a maximum of 6 pages) should take the format of:

    - a brief CV

    - details of your research interests

    - details of your current research involvement