The IPA Congress Paper Database is a search engine for you to access many papers and presentations delivered at the Prague Congress. Records include complete papers, as well as some abstracts and summaries. To find a paper all you need to do is enter either the title, name of author, type of session or a key word (subject). All confidential papers have been excluded from the database. The papers can be downloaded as PDFs.

Useful tips

1.You do not have to complete all the data fields. The search will work with some or all the fields completed. Often using less information will produce the result you require.

2.You can input any part of a name so long as the selection is in sequence. i.e. A full name of Dr. Paul M. Revere de Gonzales can be found by putting in ‘paul’ or ‘paul m’ or ‘revere’ or ‘de gonzales’. You will not get the results anticipated if you input ‘paul gonzales’

At present the database carries the papers delivered at the Prague Congress 2013. Soon to follow will be access to all papers from past IPA Congresses.


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