Picture Guide to Registering

I am a Member or an IPA Candidate, how do I register for the Congress?

Please use your usual IPA Username and Password.  If you cannot remember either of these, then please use the links below to help (red arrow). If you try to register online by another method you may end up paying more.

I am a student or a Non-Member and do not have an IPA account, how do I register?

Click on the option ‘If you are not a Member or IPA Candidate click here to register’ text shown by the blue arrow.  This will help you to create an account and start your congress registration.

How do I move forward from the initial page?

Click on the NEXT button in the right hand corner at the bottom of the page.

I cannot click on the Congress ticket options.

First, click on ‘REGISTER MYSELF’ button (red arrow) this will show all tickets available to you with the corresponding fee.  If you have already registered or selected any tickets previously they will be showing on this screen.  To amend earlier ticket purchases please contact the IPA Congress Team on congress@ipa.org.uk

How can I see what options I have booked?

Tick the box ‘ONLY DISPLAY PROGRAM ITEMS IN REGISTRANT’S ITINERARY’ (red arrow).  This will only show the options you have booked.  To see all programme items again just un-tick this box.  Please remember, you can only book ONE Pre-Congress Working Group, and ONE Post-Panel Discussion Group and ONE Work Group during the Congress.

I can’t see a session that I am expecting, what should I do?

Make sure that you have used the slider at the side of the screen to see all the available sessions (red arrow).

Helping With Your Congress Registration Or Accommodation Booking Process


How do I get my Username and Password so that I can register?

If you have forgotten your Username, please click on this link then click on the ‘my username’ link underneath the Login boxes.  You will need to enter the email address you have registered with the IPA.  This will trigger an automatic email from ipa@ipa.org.uk containing your username.

If you have forgotten your password, please click on this link then click the ‘my password’ link underneath the Login boxes.  You will need to enter your IPA username.  This will trigger an automatic email from ipa@ipa.org.uk containing instructions on how to re-set your password.

If you have an old IPA password e.g. couch123, then please follow the steps above to re-set the password.

If you have any further problems, please email congress@ipa.org.uk



I can’t see the pre-Congress Working Party or Work Group that I want to join

For the Pre-Congress Working Parties (click here to see them) or Work Groups (click here to see them), Members and IPA Candidates may choose one of each as part of the registration process.  Because they are too numerous to be visible on a screen, you will see a vertical scroll-bar on the right hand side of each list during the registration process.  Use this to move up and down to see all the options.  Please remember, you can register for only ONE Pre-Congress Working Party and ONE Work Group during the Congress.


I wanted to register for more than one Post-Panel Discussion Group, or to register for one each day

Due to the high demand expected for these Post-Panel Discussion Groups, you can only register to attend ONE of them during the Congress.  Registration is handled on a strictly first-come, first-served basis.  If the Post-Panel Discussion Group you would like to attend is full, then you will have the option to join a waiting list for any tickets which are returned.



I’ve changed my mind about a Congress ticket I have bought

If you would like to change any of the additional options within your Congress registration, please complete this form, and return it to the IPA by email or fax (number is at the end of the form).


If you would like to cancel your whole Congress registration, please email congress@ipa.org.uk


My credit card has not been accepted

Credit card companies sometimes  block Congress transactions, because they see them as suspicious. The IPA’s card processor is based in the UK, but we are taking payment in Euros not British Pounds. Your card company may view your Congress transaction as unusual or stop it temporarily for a variety of reasons. Please contact your Credit Card provider and explain the transaction before registering, or before trying to register again.



The Hilton Prague (main Congress venue) or Hilton Old Town website won’t accept my credit card

If you are having any difficulty with booking at either Hilton Hotel in Prague, please write to the IPA’s contact at the Hilton Denise Tothová Denise.Tothova@hilton.com


I’m having difficulties with another hotel

If you are having any difficulty with booking at another hotel in Prague, listed on our website, please contact Geber & Reusch, appointed by the IPA to handle reservations at a range of places in the city geber-reusch@t-online.de


Pages in the Registration Process

  • MAIN OPTIONS PAGE– This page will allow you to choose your congress ticket by clicking on “REGISTER MYSELF” and then selecting the appropriate ticket, click on NEXT at bottom of the page to continue

  • ADDITIONAL OPTIONS PAGE – On this page you will be able to select Pre-Congress Working Parties, Post Panel Discussion Groups and Work Groups (If available, you are encouraged to choose ONE option from the Work Group and the Post-Panel Discussion categories. If you select more than ONE from either of these categories or the pre-congress Working Parties your order will be put on hold) Also you will find on this page the option to book for social events during the congress such as Gala Dinner, IPSO parties, Opening Ceremony guest tickets. Click NEXT at bottom of the page once you selected all your desired tickets to continue

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you wish to register for a function when the maximum has been reached, the function will show but the ‘Add’ button will not be available. Instead the system will show 'Registration item is not available'. In this case you may write to the IPA (Congress@ipa.org.uk) and request to be added to a waiting list. In the event of a cancellation, people are taken from the waiting list in strict date/time order (first come first served.)

  • REGISTRATION SUMMARY PAGE – Check the total amount to be paid (you can add changes by clicking on PREVIOUS at the bottom or selecting the TAB MAIN OPTIONS from top menu). Once you are happy and ready to enter your payment details Click Proceed and checkout at bottom of the page

IMPORTANT NOTE: you will not see all tickets in your shopping cart only a total will be displayed here however they will appear in your confirmation invoice and also you can check your tickets by selecting the ADDITIONAL OPTIONS PAGE and changing the Select program view to Program items in registrant’s itinerary

  • SHOPPING CART PAGE Check your contact details (NAME and SURNAME only will be printed in your badge) also make sure the total amount to be paid is correct and finally enter your payment details, once all info is entered click on SUBMIT ORDER at bottom of the page and your payment will be processed

  • You will receive an email with your booking confirmation and an INVOICE that will be required in Prague to collect your tickets, DO NOT forget to print it and bring a copy with you