The IPA will disseminate the papers presented at the Boston Congress via an online repository that will only be accessible by individuals who have purchased a ticket for the Congress. For this reason, the IPA asks you to grant the IPA a non-exclusive licence to publish your paper on the IPA website and in other IPA publications, and to enable the IPA to grant a licence to journals to publish it in any language. As the licence you grant to the IPA will be non-exclusive, you will retain the ownership of the copyright and the right to use your paper as you think fit. Authors will be asked to inform the IPA if a paper contains clinical confidential material that should not be published. When you send in an Individual Paper online you will have the opportunity to mark it as ‘Clinical Material’. Such papers will not, if accepted, be uploaded to the IPA Congress website.

There will be non-IPA Members at the Congress, most of whom will not be bound by the IPA’s Code of Ethics (although they may be professional members of other institutions which have a similar ethical code – and, equally, they may just be members of the public, including interested patients of analysts, journalists and authors).

Under no circumstances should you break the obligation you have to respect your patients’ confidentiality. Any clinical material must be anonymised in such a comprehensive way that if your patient was reading about themselves in your paper on the IPA website, or listening to a recording of the presentation or discussion, they would not be able to identify themselves. Please do not assume that because, for example, this Congress is taking place on another continent that your patient’s confidentiality is somehow of less fundamental importance.