Associazione Italiana di Psicoanalisi - AIPsi
9 novembre 2013
Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Roma



This meeting aims  to explore the crucial issue of Prejudice.

Two major reports will be presented: one by Simona Argentieri will deal with the roots of prejudice from the psychoanalytic point of view; the other one will be presented by the well know jurist Stefano Rodotà, who has always been involved in the protection of civil rights in our country.

In addition to these two fundamental reports,  there will be 4 short psychoanalytic interventions by Giovanna Ambrosio,  Paolo Mariotti, David Meghnagi, Geni Valle, each of them oriented to different aspects of the same subject.

Simona Argentieri:

Le radici del pregiudizio (The roots of prejudice)

Giovanna Ambrosio:
Teorie implicite e pregiudizio (Implicit theories and prejudice)

Paolo Mariotti:
Le basi neurobiologiche del pregiudizio (The neurobiological bases of prejudice)


Stefano Rodotà:
Diritto e pregiudizio (Rights and prejudice)

Geni Valle:
Collusioni e pregiudizi nella relazione terapeutica (collusions and prejudices in the  therapeutic relationship)

David Meghnagi:
Il pregiudizio razzista e antisemita (Racist and anti-Semitic prejudice)