IPA Research

The IPA's Board, at its July 2012 meeting in Toronto, devoted a great deal of time to consideration of IPA funding for research.

The Board reaffirmed its commitment to research funding and agreed that it wanted at least 70% of the research budget to be allocated to projects to serve the IPA’s first strategic goal, Promoting Psychoanalysis (the remaining amount to be allocated for a broader research agenda).

The Board also established a liaison group between itself and the IRB to create an informative dialogue; and decided to discuss the Research Training Project at its January meeting.


The IPA awarded its first Research Grants in December 1997. Since then a research round has been held at least once a year, generally twice a year.

All grants are shown in the Research Database, those with a hyper-linked title have provided technical reports in accordance with the General Conditions.

The following statistics shows the distribution of these grants.

Key: LAMER = Latin American Region; NAMER = North American Region; EUROPE = Europe and rest of the world.
Grants by Country
Grants by Region
Value by Region