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 Since 1997 the IPA has provided funding for research into psychoanalysis. More than 400 grants have been awarded over that period, and the researchers have published many papers and monographs arising from this work. Each researcher is also required to present a report to the IPA on their research results; more than 200 have now been received and they will, eventually, all be accessible from this page (it takes some time to upload each paper, so this database will grow over the coming weeks and months).

Psychoanalysis has a strong research base. The IPA has supported the development of this base by funding research. This database includes descriptions of research the IPA has supported in the past 15 years.

Our aim is to make the research findings accessible to clinicians, highlighting the practical significance of research for practice. The IPA is indebted to the researchers who have provided the information. Data is still being collected and processed and, as yet, not all the research conducted with the support of the IPA is represented. Publication of further materials is ongoing. Please bookmark this site and return often to check for updates.

This database now includes all the grants awarded by the IPA under its CERP or predecessor programmes. Most of the grants have resulted in reports being sent back to the IPA; but where search results show an abstract but no clickable link, we do not yet have a report for that grant. In some cases this will be because of the closeness to the award date or we have agreed a no-cost time extension to the Principal Investigator to allow the work or the report to be completed.


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