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Belgian Psychoanalytical Society

Rue Emile Claus 49
Phone: 32 2 344 38 14
Fax: 32 2 344 38 14

The Belgian Society of Psychoanalysis has approximately 90 members. About half of them are doctors, the other half is essentially composed of clinical psychologists.

The scientific life in the society is very active. A scientific seminar which brings together all members is held twice a month and more than twenty small working groups continue their research. Every two years an internal Conference reserved for members of the society and a symposium open to professionals interested in the psychoanalytic approach is held. Different currents of thought coexist there, promoting discussion and constantly opening new opportunities for work.

The work of Freud is the base of the formation, enriched by those of Mr. Klein, D. Winnicott, W. Bion, and many contemporary authors.

For further information please visit the Society's own website shown above.

Full NamePosition in SocietyIPA MembershipBegin Date
Mme Marie-France DispauxPresidentMember3/4/2014102056
Eveline EgoSecretaryMember3/17/2011147003
Dr. Annick PaironTreasurerMember10/1/2012147005
Mme Jacqueline Godfrind-HaberDirector of Training InstituteMember7/1/2014103033
Mme Dr. Christine Frisch-DesmarezOfficerMember6/30/2012140589
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Full NameChild AnalystTraining AnalystSpoken Language
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Ms. Mimi Armstrong  English,French140737
Mme Lucile Balthazar-BrabantChild Analyst French139752
Mme Jacqueline Blockmans  English157111
Mme Dr. Katy Bogliatto  English,Italian,French146999
Lic. Psych. Macha Bongard  French144755
Benoît Bourguignon  French154815
M. Henri Buki  French147292
Mme Nicole CarelsChild AnalystTraining AnalystFrench,English101333
Mme Géraldine Castiau  French147004
Mme Marie-Pierre ChaumontChild Analyst French146206
Mme Dominique Colpé  French151446
Mme Martine Commerman  French143047
Mme Monique Cormeau-Velghe  French101677
Mme Dr. Edith Creplet  English144355
Dr. Pierre Dajez  French151447
Carine De Buck  English154816
Dr. Baudouin de Lantsheere  French101899
Dr Psych. Balderic De Schutter  French144754
Mme Dr. Claire De Vriendt-GoldmanChild Analyst English,French147329
Mme Michèle de Wind - Wayenberg  French147007