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Italian Psychoanalytical Society

Via Panama 48
Rome RM
Phone: 39 06 85 46 716
Fax: 39 06 85 86 53 36

The Italian Psychoanalytic Society (SPI) is an association that aims at scientific-professional development and application of psychoanalytic theory and method in the treatment of mental disorders of adults, children and adolescents.

The Society was founded, nominally, by Marco Levi Bianchini in 1925 but was actually composed by Edward Weiss and some of his students in 1932. In 1936 it was recognised by the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA), founded in 1910 by Sigmund Freud. This association is present in many countries across Europe, North America, South America, Oceania and some Asian countries.

Because of anti-Semitic persecution, the SPI disappeared from the cultural scene in 1938 before being officially rebuilt in 1947 under the chairmanship of Nicholas Perrotti. Currently, the SPI is present in almost all the national territory through eleven centers that bring together psychoanalysts who are active in major cities. The SPI provides access to an in depth cultural and vocational training, the average duration of 6-8 years. This is open to physicians and psychologists, and can be accessed after a careful selection. This training takes place at the National Institute of Training.

For further information please visit the Society's own website shown above.

Full NamePosition in SocietyIPA MembershipBegin Date
Dr. med., Dipl. Psych. Antonino FerroPresidentMember3/3/2013102466
Dr. med., Dipl. Psych. Cono Aldo Barna'Vice-PresidentMember3/3/2013100488
Jones De LucaSecretaryMember3/3/2013143098
Dr. Giorgio CampoliTreasurerMember3/3/2013101282
Dr.ssa. Anna FerrutaDirector of Training InstituteMember3/3/2013102470
Dr. Giuseppe CivitareseOfficerMember3/3/2013142965
Dr.ssa. Tiziana BastianiniOfficerMember3/3/2013100549
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Full NameChild AnalystTraining AnalystSpoken Language
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Dr.ssa. Laura Accetti  English,Italian155314
Dr. Alfonso AccursioChild Analyst English,Italian100045
Dr. Francesco AgostaChild Analyst English,Italian100078
Dr.ssa. Cecilia Albarella  English,Italian100109
Dr. Leonardo Albrigo  English,Italian100116
Dr.ssa. Daniela Alessi  English,Italian155383
Dr.ssa. Teresa Aloi  English,Italian155302
Lic. Cecilia Marina Alvarez  Italian,French,Spanish100171
Dr.ssa. Annalisa Amadori  English,Italian155347
Dr. (Mrs.) Silvia Amati Sas Training AnalystEnglish,Italian,French,Spanish100185
Dr.ssa. Laura Ambrosiano Training AnalystEnglish,Italian100188
Alessandro Americo  English,Italian,French146304
Prof. Massimo Ammaniti  English,Italian100198
Dr. Sebastiano Anastasi  English,Italian155337
Dott.ssa. Anna Maria AnconaChild Analyst English,Italian143670
Dr. Alberto Angelini  English,Italian140887
Giuseppina Antinucci  English,Italian100250
Dr.ssa. Maria Antoncecchi  English,Italian155488
Dr.ssa. Antonella Antonetti  English,Italian100252
Dr. Alessandro Antonucci  English,Italian155317