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Madrid Psychoanalytical Association

c/ Juan Bravo, 10, 4º
Phone: 34 91 431 05 33
Fax: 34 91 431 05 33

The Madrid Psychoanalytical Association was accepted by the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA) in 1981.

Two events delayed the development of psychoanalysis and the creation of a Psychoanalytic Association in Madrid. The Civil War (1936),meant that the first and only Spanish psychoanalyst at the time, Angel Garma,emigrated to Argentina. Two decades later (1951), Margarita Steinbach, a German psychoanalyst in training, came to Madrid with the aim of helping to create a psychoanalytic group. Her death, in 1954, truncated this expectation and led to the members of the group to go to other European and South American countries in order to continue their training and psychoanalytic career.

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Full NamePosition in SocietyIPA MembershipBegin Date
Lic. Psych. Raul Fernandez VilanovaPresidentMember1/1/2014109125
Dr. med. Pedro Gil CorbachoVice-PresidentMember1/1/2014143362
Lic. Psych. Santiago Sanchez-PalenciaSecretaryMember1/1/2014146888
Sra. Mª Jesús García MartínTreasurerMember1/1/2014153356
Lic. Psych. Ma. Elena Rodriguez ParodiDirector of Training InstituteMember1/1/2012106794
Dr. med. Carlos PadrónDirector of EthicsMember1/1/2012106064
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Full NameChild AnalystTraining AnalystSpoken Language
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Lic. Psych. Sabin Aduriz UgarteChild AnalystTraining AnalystSpanish109794
Lic. Psych. Francisco Javier Alarcon Training AnalystFrench,Spanish100103
Lic. Psych. Maria Ángeles Albamonte LlabresChild Analyst Spanish109122
Dr. med. Manuel Alejandre Serrano  Spanish109523
Dra. med. Inmaculada Amieba Elorriaga  Spanish100195
Lic. Psych. Margarita AmigoChild Analyst Spanish109136
José A. Aramendi Manzisidor  Spanish142611
Sra. Paloma Araoz Prados  Spanish153292
Prof. Lic. Psych. Bernardo Arensburg Chamudes  English,German,Italian,French,Spanish100288
Sra. Magdalena Arrazola Aranzadi  Spanish153295
Dr. Psych. Juan Francisco Artaloytia Usobiaga Training AnalystSpanish,Basque,English,French153296
Lic. Alberto Barrenechea Espiga  Spanish153534
Sra. Susana Bassols Bayón  Spanish153299
Dr. med. José C. Boyra Prendes  Spanish109795
Lic. Psych. Martina Burdet Dombald Training AnalystFrench,Spanish141187
Sra. Ana Mª Caellas Barzola  Spanish153311
Lic. Psych. Magdalena Calvo Sánchez-Sierra  Spanish142619
Lic. Psych. Isabel CanosaChild AnalystTraining AnalystSpanish101298
Dra. med. Silvia Cantis SilbersteinChild AnalystTraining AnalystEnglish,French,Spanish139706
Lic. Psych. Alberto Carrión Gª de Parada  Spanish152925