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Hungarian Psychoanalytical Society

II. Janos Pal Papa ter 6.

The Hungarian Psychoanalytical Society is a member of the International Psychoanalytic Association (IPA) and the European Psychotherapy Association (EAP), operating in Hungary on behalf of professional psychoanalysts and scientific associations, thus guaranteeing members a high international standard for quality criteria. This guarantees that the international membership meets high standards of training and accession criteria..

The Hungarian Psychoanalytic Society has 34 members, and almost as many candidates. Members of the Society are intensely involved in the Hungarian psychotherapeutic walk of life. A group of psychoanalysts working as a psychotherapists, family therapists, adult psychoanalysts, but many also work with children. The wide applicability of psychoanalysis is also evidence that many of the analytical avenues are assisted with. In addition, we teach at several universities.

For further information please visit the Society's own website shown above.

Full NamePosition in SocietyIPA MembershipBegin Date
Dr. Zsuzsa LörinczPresidentMember3/28/2013109316
Ms. Borbála SarkadiSecretaryMember3/1/2010148905
Péter Antal-BacsóTreasurerMember3/28/2013148865
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Full NameChild AnalystTraining AnalystSpoken Language
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Erzsébet Adrigán  English157359
Dr. Klára Ajkay Training AnalystEnglish,Hungarian100096
Péter Antal-Bacsó  English,Hungarian148865
Dr. Tihamér Bakó Training AnalystEnglish,Hungarian109315
Dr. Katalin Barcza-McQueen  English,Hungarian143521
Dr. László Benedek  English,Hungarian100650
Andrea Benko  English,Hungarian157362
Dr. László Bokor Training AnalystEnglish,Hungarian139690
Anna Campos Jimenez  English158150
Dr. Zoltán Danics  English,Hungarian157365
András Dobák  English,Hungarian157366
Dr. Ildikó Erdélyi Training AnalystEnglish,Hungarian102277
Erzsébet Farkas  English,Hungarian157367
Anett Felházi  English,Hungarian157368
Gábor Flaskay Training AnalystEnglish,Hungarian102556
Dr. Judit B. Gáspár  English,Hungarian100393
Dr. Kinga Göncz  English,Hungarian103127
Anna Halász Training AnalystHungarian,French103421
Dr. Eszter Hámori  English157254
Dr. István Hárdi  English,Hungarian103468