Step-by-step guide to reviewing papers

1. Login by clicking here

2. Click ‘No changes – continue’ or if you make changes click ‘Submit changes’ 

3. Click on ‘My Reviews/review a submission’ you will then see the page below:

From ‘Available Events’ select the required project i.e. ‘48th IPA Congress’ or ‘Research’

At the foot of the page you will then see the paper or papers assigned to you to review. 

This screen-shot shows you where to access and mark the papers:

To see the full paper (it’s the full paper that is to be reviewed, not just the abstract) click on the relevant icon in the ‘Upload’ column. You will then be able to open or save the paper onto your own PC for later reading.

To enter your scores for the paper you can either;

Click on the icon in the ‘Open’ column. This will give you a full page view with the score system to the left of the applicant’s answers to the questionnaire, including the abstract and summary (if required), or

If you prefer just to see the score section, you can access this by clicking on the title of the paper.

You can now either;

If you think you might wish to revisit your scores, click on the ‘Save Current Responses’ button. In this way you can, after logging out, return to your scores at a later date, or

When you’ve entered your scores, and you’re confident that these are your final marks, click on the ‘Save As Complete’ button. Your work is now complete.

For Congress papers no comments are required for the presenter/applicant.

If you wish to make a comment solely for the Committee please use the ‘Additional Comments (Internal Use Only)’