The IPA wishes to ensure the papers presented at its Congresses are as widely disseminated as possible and that all Members of the IPA are able to access them. It therefore intends to put all papers accepted for the Congress on its website in a publically-accessible area. Papers with clinical material will, if so requested, be put in an area accessible only to Members and IPA Candidates.  For this reason, the IPA asks you to grant the IPA a non-exclusive licence to publish your paper on the IPA website and in other IPA publications and to enable the IPA to grant a licence to journals to publish it in any language. As the licence you grant to the IPA will be non-exclusive, you will retain the ownership of the copyright and the right to use your paper as you think fit. However, the IPA has close ties with the International Journal of Psychoanalysis and encourages you to submit your paper to it so as to maintain a peer-reviewed record of Congress proceedings. Authors will be asked to inform the IPA if a paper contains matter (such as clinical material) which should not be published. In such cases, the IPA will always consult you and seek your agreement to any necessary changes prior to publication. 

When you submit an Individual Paper online you will have the opportunity to mark it as ‘Clinical Material’. Such papers will not, if accepted, be uploaded to the IPA Congress website.