Awards and Prizes

The following Awards and Prizes were presented at the 2013 Prague Congress:

Hayman Prize for Published Work Pertaining  to Traumatized Children and Adults

Harvey Peskin for his entry "Man is a Wolf to Man: Disorders of Dehumanization in Psychoanalysis

Elise M. Hayman Award for the Study of the Holocaust and Genocide

Rachel Rosenblum, for her essay "In more favourable circumstances: Ambassadors of the wound"

Psychoanalytic Training Today Award

Rubén Zukerfeld and Raquel Zonis Zukerfeld for "El Problema del autor en la formación psicoanalitica: procustianismo, plualismo riguroso e iconoclastia respetuosa"

Psychoanalytic Research Exceptional Contribution Awards

Donna Bender, Leslie C. Morey, Andrew E. Skodol  “Toward a model for assessing level of personality functioning in DSM-5, part I: A review of theory and methods” 

Daniel Schechter, Sandra Rusconi Serpa “The relationship between early attachment disturbances and maternal traumatization: understanding disturbances of mutual affect regulation with an eye towards specific intervention” 

Stuart W Twemlow; Peter Fonagy; Frank C Sacco; Eric Vernberg; Jennifer Malcom “Reducing Violence & Prejudice in a Jamaican All Age School using Attachment & Mentalization Theory” 

Research Papers Prizes on (i) Symbolization, (ii) Depression and (iii) Affect Regulation

Affect Regulation (1 paper): 

Clara Schejtman; Vanina Huerin; María Pía Vernengo; María Jimena Esteve ;  Alejandra Zucchi; Rosa Silver; Graciela Woloski; Inés Vardy; Juliana Oelsner; María Florencia De Simone; Gonzalo Cunqueiro; Eduardo Leonardelli, ; Juan Augusto Laplacette; Constanza Duhalde. "Regulación afectiva y autorregulación en los primeros 5 años de vida y su relación con el juego interactivo madre-niño y el funcionamiento reflexivo materno". 


Depression (1 paper):

Delfina Miller. "Negativistas o deprimidos. Procesos subyacentes a la agresividad en los sindromes externalizantes e internalizantes. "

Symbolization (1 paper):

Cassorla, Roosevelt. "In search of symbolization: the analyst's task of dreaming. "

Psychoanalytic Research Mentor Prize

Winner: Peter Fonagy

Tyson Prize

Winner: Mariângela Mendes de Almeida

“Autistic functioning and psychic pain? Building up links” 


Elisabeth Aubert
,  “Face à la vengeance masochiste : Les perturbations du contre transfert sur le processus”, and

Orna Ophir,  “Widened Envelope ,,,, for Patients of the Widened Scope” 

Sacerdoti Prize

Dana Amir

Outstanding Scientific Achievement Award

Ronald Britton

Extraordinarily Meritorious Service to Psychoanalysis Award

Marvin Margolis and Javier García Castiñeiras

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