Terms And Conditions of Registration and Participation at the Congress

CANCELLATION AND REFUNDS (For the avoidance of doubt, all dates will be considered to end at 23:59 UTC/GMT/Zulu)
If notice of cancellation is received in writing by the IPA on or before 28 February 2013, the IPA will refund the registration fees or registration deposits paid less an administration charge of €40 per registration. If notice of cancellation is received in writing by the IPA on or after 1 March 2013, but on or before 23 July 2013, the IPA will refund the registration fees or registration deposits paid less an administration charge of €80 per registration. No refunds of registration fees or registration deposits will be made for any cancellation received by the IPA after 23 July 2013. Participants who have already purchased a ticket and who wish to upgrade it (i.e. to a ticket costing a higher amount or for additional days) must cancel their original ticket, but will not be charged a cancellation fee for making this change. Participants who wish to downgrade their ticket (i.e. to a ticket costing a lower amount or for fewer days) must cancel their original ticket, and will be charged the usual cancellation fee for doing so.


The IPA is not and will not be responsible for the safety of any transportation or facility, or for any personal injuries or illness, or losses or damage to the property of Congress participants or those accompanying them, whether arising before, during or after the Congress and related professional, organisational or social events, tours and meetings. The IPA strongly recommends that you carry appropriate insurance for medical, injury, travel, baggage and other property, cancellation (however caused) and other risks.


The IPA takes an inclusive approach to its Congress, so that non-Members are generally welcome to attend. However, the IPA reserves the right to limit attendance at any session for safety, professional confidentiality or organisational reasons. Present plans are to limit attendance to IPA Members only at the IPA’s Business Meeting and a small number of other sessions which will be clearly indicated. The IPA reserves the right to decline to register any individual, without further explanation. Participants who, in the opinion of the IPA, behave inappropriately will be required to leave the Congress premises immediately, their Congress registration will be cancelled and their registration fee will be forfeited. Access to any other Congress-related activities (such as the Gala Dinner) may also be denied, although any payments received for those will be refunded minus a €40 administration fee in each instance.


IPA members who are at the same time Candidates or students of any discipline at an institute, university or other college of learning, and who wish to register for the Congress, will be charged the registration fee at the Member’s rate.


A psychoanalytic Candidate, i.e. someone enrolled at an IPA-approved Training Institute will be charged the appropriate Candidate rate, and may not register within the Student category. The ‘IPA Candidate’ rate is only available to those classified on the IPA’s database as such. 


Full-Time Students/Medical Residents may be of any subject at undergraduate, graduate or post-doctoral level. Students/Medical Residents will be asked to prove their student status to the IPA’s satisfaction and proof (to the IPA’s satisfaction) of their status will be required to be shown at the Congress venue; where satisfactory proof is not shown, the registration will be considered cancelled on the terms set out in CANCELLATION AND REFUNDS, above. Part-Time Students/Medical residents may not register under this category. The definition of a person as a Student/Medical Resident for the purposes of registration at this Congress is entirely at the discretion of the IPA. Students/Medical residents who are also Candidates must register under the Candidate category.


If you choose to pay by instalments, you are not registered for the Congress until your final payment has been received: until that point you will NOT be able to access any Congress papers. If you do not complete the payment of all instalments by the date the final instalment is due, the IPA will charge you a €50 administration fee and return the remainder of any monies received.

We will be making a short film at the Prague Congress so that Members and others unable to participate can see what it was like. The film will be posted on the IPA's website and may also be shown at other psychoanalytic conferences and elsewhere. Filming will not take place in sessions classed as confidential, but may be at any other time. 

If you do not wish to be filmed please write to Congress@ipa.org.uk by 20 July 2013.


The International Psychoanalytical Association (“IPA”) is registered in England as a company limited by guarantee (number 3496765), and a charity (number 1071752), registered at Broomhills, Woodside Lane, LONDON N12 8UD, UK