Treasurer - Official Position Statement

The incumbent Treasurer, Dr. Juan Carlos Weissmann, has been elected unopposed for a second 2 year term you will not therefore asked to vote for this position


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  Juan Carlos Weissmann


You elected me to be the IPA’s Treasurer from summer 2011. Since then I have worked hard to:

1) ensure that the IPA’s finances are on a sound footing;

2) protect our reserves and investments from the economic storms that have been raging around us; and

3) make your subscriptions work as hard as possible for the benefit of psychoanalysis.

I have led the Budget & Finance Committee through a major budget review, which has resulted in numerous recommendations to the Board about how the IPA can be more economical, more efficient, and more effective. Some of these recommendations will save significant sums of money that can then be applied to projects which would lead to a stronger future of psychoanalysis.
Through the Budget & Finance Committee I have also developed a review of all the IPA’s numerous committees to make sure they are aligned with our strategic priorities and giving us value for money: this major review will lead to proposals to the January 2013 Board for a reduction in the total number of committees, and for the money they would have spent on administration to be released for project work.
Despite near-global economic turbulence, I have stabilised the reductions in the IPA’s investments and also started rebuilding our reserves; these are now at a level which will enable us to operate comfortably in the knowledge that we are likely to be able to withstand any further foreseeable economic shocks.
I have supported the expansion of the CAPSA programme, which enables societies to invite analysts from other regions to share good practice and to provide new perspectives on psychoanalytical work; more funding will be available for this in 2013, and I will be encouraging groups of societies to “pool” invitations so that we can get an even greater sharing. And I have supported the IPA’s long tradition of research spending, to provide real support for our work in clinics. As a member of the Congress Working Group I have been working alongside my colleagues to ensure that Prague 2013 will be a great success, enabling analysts from all over the world to meet in central Europe and achieve real dialogue.

I have also been meeting regularly with Stefano Bolognini and Alexandra Billinghurst, our President-Elect and Vice President-Elect, to prepare for their new Administration which starts in July 2013 and to ensure that there will be a smooth transition, with sufficient funds available to enable them to deliver the programmes set out in their Manifesto.
If you honour me with confirming me in a second term of office, as well as continuing to ensure that the IPA is professionally managed and on a sound financial footing,  I will turn my attention to increasing our revenue from sources other than subscription dues: I want to focus on developing a planned giving programme (eg, through legacies) and a “friends of psychoanalysis” programme, both intended to enable us all to put something back into the profession we love, to ensure the future health and well-being of psychoanalysis.

List of positions

IPA: Treasurer (2011-date), Member (2007-2011) and Chair (2011-date) Budget and Financial Committee, Chair (2011-date) and Member (2007-11) Investment Oversight Committee (2007-date), Member (2011-12) and Chair (2012-date) Administrative Policy & Review Committee;IPAC: co-chair Liaison Committee 1991 (Buenos Aires)  APA: Chair of Congress and Pre- Congress (2009), Treasurer (2002-2004), Chair Institutional Planning Committee (2000-2004), Member of Ethical Committee (2001-2002), Member of Board (1996-2000), Member of Editorial Board “Revista Especial Internacional” (1992-2000), Member of Editorial Board of Publication and Library Committee (1987-1991); Professor in Argentinean Universities (1999-date)