Dear Colleague,

The primary objective of the Psychoanalysis & the University Committee is to chart a map of the psychoanalysts affiliated to the International Psychoanalytical Association who work in Universities at various levels and in diverse roles. We are tasked to foster a psychoanalytic presence in the university academic environment; to establish a network of psychoanalysts who work in universities and to promote a dialogue between psychoanalytic thinking and university culture, including encouraging debate on psychoanalytic training which is likely to enhance the dialogue between present psychoanalytical thinking and university culture. In this way, we intend to ascertain – at least partly – who and how numerous these psychoanalysts are, what they teach, in what way and to whom.

Please help us by filling in this simple questionnaire:

Note: our listed categories are to serve as possible examples and that "other' is included in the interest of brevity and efficiency, trusting that the needed specific 'other' can be inferred by our colleagues as needed.

Thank you for your time and co-operation. Please take a moment to go the main 'My IPA' page and ensure your other details, qualifications, office address etc. are up-to-date.

Best wishes

Franco Borgogno
Chair Psychoanalysis & the University Committee