The four IPA Nominating Committees have now finalized the slates for the 2015 elections. Each Nominating Committee has prepared a brief set of minutes to record and summarize their decisions; these minutes will be available from Broomhills on request to: steve@ipa.org.uk



(Candidates are listed in alphabetical order)

Candidates for President-Elect and Vice President-Elect (to take office in 2017):

Virginia Ungar (Buenos Aires Psychoanalytic Association; for President-Elect); and Sergio Nick (Brazilian Psychoanalytic Society of Rio de Janeiro; for Vice President-Elect)

Candidates for Treasurer:

Andrew Brook (Canadian Psychoanalytic Society)

Arthur Leonoff (Canadian Psychoanalytic Society)

Jonah Schein (APsaA)

Candidates for Board Representative from Europe:

Giovanna Ambrosio (Italian Psychoanalytical Association)

Luis Jorge Martin Cabre (Madrid Psychoanalytical Association)

Bernard Chervet (Paris Psychoanalytical Society)

Nicolas de Coulon (Swiss Society of Psychoanalysis)

Henk Jan Dalewijk (Dutch Psychoanalytical Society)

Giovanni Foresti (Italian Psychoanalytical Society)

Mira Erlich Ginor (Israel Psychoanalytic Society)

Eran Rolnik (Israel Psychoanalytic Society)

Bent Rosenbaum (Danish Psychoanalytical Society)

Jonathan Sklar (British Psychoanalytical Society)

Martin Teising (German Psychoanalytical Association)

Candidates for Board Representative from Latin America:

Ruth Axelrod (Mexican Psychoanalytic Association)

Carlos Barredo (Buenos Aires Psychoanalytic Association)

Daniel Alfredo Biebel (Argentine Psychoanalytic Society)

Jorge Bruce (Peru Psychoanalytic Society)

Abel Fainstein (Argentine Psychoanalytic Association)

Sérgio Lewkowicz (Porto Alegre Psychoanalytical Society)

Luis Alejandro Nagy (Psychoanalytic Society of Mexico)

Álvaro  Nin (Uruguayan Psychoanalytical Association)

Claudio Rossi (Brazilian Psychoanalytic Society of São Paulo)     

Candidates for Board Representative from North America:

Martin Gauthier (Canadian Psychoanalytic Society)

William Glover (APsaA)

Beth Kalish (Los Angeles Institute & Society for Psychoanalytic Studies)

Lewis Kirshner (APsaA)

Peter Loewenberg (APsaA)

Monisha Nayar-Akhtar (APsaA)

Jack Novick (APsaA)

Gunther Perdigao (APsaA)

Arlene Richards (Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research)

Graham Spruiell (APsaA)

Drew Tillotson (Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California)

Gordon Yanchyshyn (Canadian Psychoanalytic Society)

In accordance with IPA Rule 9, Section B (1) e., there is still the possibility for further nominations to be submitted by the membership:

Nominations by Petition of IPA Members.  A candidate for President, President-Elect or Treasurer may be nominated by a written petition of at least 150 Members (50 from each Geographical Area).  A candidate for Representative may be nominated by a written petition of at least 100 Members from the respective Geographic Area (with not more than 50 from any Constituent Organization or, in the case of the Regional Association, of any of its Affiliate Societies).  Nominations by petition must be accompanied by the written consent of the nominee and actually received by the Vice President by the end of November of the year preceding a Congress.

All nominations by petition must be addressed to Alexandra Billinghurst, IPA Vice President, and sent to the IPA office in London, Broomhills, Woodside Lane, London N12 8UD, UK, by 30 November 2014. Any nominations sent must be accompanied by a list of the appropriate number of names (as stated in the paragraph above). Nominations received after this date cannot be accepted.

At the end of February 2015, all IPA Members ‘in good standing’* on or before 31 January 2015 will be invited to vote on the candidates listed on the slates (plus any candidates nominated by petition). The results will be communicated to all IPA Societies in June 2015 and formally announced by the President at the time of the Business Meeting at the Boston Congress.


*Definition of ‘In Good Standing’

The expression ‘in good standing’ shall apply:

a.  to those Constituent Organizations from which the IPA has received the dues of all their Members in full by 31 December for any calendar year, or

b.  to those Members of Constituent Organizations from whom the IPA has received their dues in full by 31 December for any calendar year, or

c.  to those Direct Members from whom the IPA has received their dues in full by 31 December for any calendar year, or

d.  to any Constituent Organizations or Direct Members who received and complied with special payment arrangements agreed with the Treasurer, whereby some or all of their dues for the calendar year or any prior years are not yet payable on 31 December.  A Constituent Organization which does not comply with special payment terms agreed with the Treasurer will not be regarded as ‘in good standing’.