Role of Board Members and Link Responsibilities

1.  This document outlines the role of Board members and the link responsibilities of Representatives in relation to IPA Constituent Organisations.

IPA Rules
2.  The formal role of the Board is defined in the IPA Rules as follows:

Rule 7, Section A(2) reads: “Operating Rules.  The Board adopts and modifies IPA Criteria and establishes rules, procedures and policies for its, and the IPA’s, operations, all of which must be consistent with these Rules, and any Binding Resolutions adopted by IPA Members.”

Part of Rule 7, Section A(8) reads: “Responsibilities of Representatives. Subject to Board-adopted procedures, which shall appear in the Procedural Code, each Representative shall perform duties assigned or delegated by the President or the Board, including reporting to IPA Members and Constituent Organizations in the Representative’s Geographical Area.”

Part of Rule 7, Section B(2) reads: “The Board, at its next meeting, shall review Executive Committee minutes and may modify, reject or ratify any Executive Committee action.”

General responsibilities
3.  In accordance with Rule 7, Section A(8), the Board has adopted the following general responsibilities for its members:

a) to promote the IPA’s mission to assure the continued vigour and development of psychoanalysis in all appropriate ways by formulating and reviewing the mission, policies and strategic objectives of the IPA.
b) to uphold the IPA Rules, Procedural Code and policies of the IPA;
c) to attend Board meetings and the Business Meetings and actively engage on IPA issues between Board meetings by monitoring emails, responding to requests and information from the Executive Committee, and by keeping the Executive Committee informed on any issues which seem appropriate;
d) to act as an ambassador for the IPA in any appropriate psychoanalytic or other occasions (whether related to IPA Constituent Organisations or otherwise), to explain IPA policy and receive views on it;
e) to carry out link responsibilities with Constituent Organisations and Members as defined below.

Link responsibilities
4.  The list of link responsibilities for Board members is given below.

5.  The Board has adopted the following general responsibilities in relation to links with IPA Constituent Organisations:

a) to form channels of communication principally with the executives, but also through Members where possible, of Constituent Organisations in order to transmit information about the IPA and receive views from them on IPA related issues;
b) to explain IPA policy, to encourage debate on it, such as issues to do with education, and to act as a conduit for ensuring the Board receives comments on these issues, so that the formulation of IPA policy is strongly influenced by the views of its Constituent Organisations;
c) to brief Constituent Organisations prior to Board meetings and receive views, and to inform them of the outcome of Board meetings;
d) to encourage Constituent Organisations to participate in IPA activities and projects, such as the DPPT and CAPSA programmes, and provide information and advice on such matters.

Funds for Representatives
6.  The IPA budget normally sets aside a sum for each of the 21 Representatives for each year as recommended by the Budget and Finance Committee annually to allow them to claim expenses to further their responsibilities between Board meetings.  The Board agreed that these funds should be deployed according to the following criteria:
a) funds should be deployed to enable Representatives to make contact with (by telephone or otherwise) or through visits to their link Societies to enable them to execute their link responsibilities defined above; or for meetings with other Representatives in their regions but only to discuss IPA issues;

b) funds may not be claimed to travel to occasions which Representatives might reasonably have been expected to attend at their own expense;
c) Representatives should ensure that they do not duplicate visits unless deliberately intended to discuss IPA issues with other Representatives;
d) claims for expenses should be in accordance with normal IPA financial procedures.


Change Log

Approved by the Board March 2004
Clarification revisions and to incorporate the IPA Rules approved by the Executive Committee July 2007


*This change record is for background information only and does not form part of the Procedural Code. If there is any conflict between a statement in the Procedural Code and a statement in this change record, the change record will be disregarded.




Board Members’ Link Responsibilities with IPA Constituent Organisations 2011 - 2013


Latin America




Mónica Siedman de Armesto

Argentine Psychoanalytic Association

Cordoba Psychoanalytic Society


Mendoza Psychoanalytic Society


Guadalajara Psychoanalytic Group


Rosario Psychoanalytic Association

Alicia Leisse de Lustgarten

Venezuelan Psychoanalytic Association

Colombian Psychoanalytic Society


Mexican Psychoanalytic Association


Peru Psychoanalytic Society 

Beatriz de León de Bernardi

Uruguayan Psychoanalytical Association

Monterrey Psychoanalytic Association


Pelotas Psychoanalytic Society

Ruggero Levy

Rio de Janeiro Psychoanalytic Society

Brasília Psychoanalytic Society


Brazilian Psychoanalytical Society of Ribeirão Preto


Mato Grosso do Sul Psychoanalytical Society


Porto Alegre Psychoanalytical Society

Altamirando Matos de Andrade Jr.

Brazilian Psychoanalytic Society of Rio de Janeiro

Brazilian Psychoanalytic Society of São Paulo


Brazilian Psychoanalytical Society of Porto Alegre


Psychoanalytical Association of The State of Rio De Janeiro


Recife Psychoanalytic Society

Maria Paz de la Puente

Psychoanalytic Society of Mexico

Mexican Association for Psychoanalytic Practice, Training & Research


Colombian Psychoanalytic Association


Caracas Psychoanalytic Society

Maria Inês Raitzin de Vidal

Argentine Psychoanalytic Society

Buenos Aires Psychoanalytic Association


Chilean Psychoanalytic Association


Freudian Psychoanalytical Society of Colombia








Marie-France Dispaux

British Psychoanalytic Association

Dutch Psychoanalytical Association


German Psychoanalytical Society


Romanian Society of Psychoanalysis


Paris Psychoanalytical Society

François Ladame

Belgian Psychoanalytical Society

Hellenic Psycho-Analytical Society


Italian Psychoanalytical Association


Polish Psychoanalytical Society


Spanish Psychoanalytical Society

Marilia Aisenstein-Averoff

Belgrade Psychoanalytical Society

Czech Psychoanalytical Society


Italian Psychoanalytical Society


Moscow Psychoanalytic Society


Portuguese Psychoanalytical Society

Milagros Cid Sanz

French Psychoanalytical Association

Israel Psychoanalytic Society

EPF Executive contact

Swiss Psychoanalytical Society


Dutch Psychoanalytical Group

Anna Maria Nicolò Corigliano

Finnish Psychoanalytical Society

Hungarian Psychoanalytical Society


Madrid Psychoanalytical Association


Psychoanalytic Society for Research and Training (France)

Shmuel Erlich

Australian Psychoanalytical Society

British Psychoanalytical Society


German Psychoanalytical Association


Indian Psychoanalytical Society


Vienna Psychoanalytic Association

Franz Wellendorf

Danish Psychoanalytical Society

Dutch Psychoanalytical Society


Norwegian Psychoanalytic Society


Swedish Psychoanalytical Association


Vienna Psychoanalytic Society



North America




Mary Kay O'Neil

Canadian Psychoanalytic Society

Japan Psychoanalytic Society

Robert Pyles

American Psychoanalytic Association


Maureen Murphy

Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research

Los Angeles Institute and Society for Psychoanalytic Studies


New York Freudian Society


Northwestern Psychoanalytic Society


Psychoanalytic Center of California


Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California