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Tips to search IPA Members using the Roster

1. You do not have to complete all the data fields. The search will work with some or all the fields completed. Often using less information will produce the result you require.

2. You can input any part of a name so long as the selection is in sequence. i.e. A full name of Dr. Paul M. Revere de Gonzales can be found by putting in ‘paul’ or ‘paul m’  or ‘revere’ or ‘de gonzales’ You will not get the results anticipated if you input  ‘paul gonzales’.

3. The IPA data policy requires, for international conformity that we standardise all city names, i.e. Roma will become Rome and Wien will become Vienna.  Name, city, and spoken language fields are set up as name contains, i.e. not exact matches. Country is selected using a drop down list. For example putting in ‘Vienna’ (English versions of city names are used throughout) will bring up all members with addresses in that city. Or putting in ‘ien’ and selecting Austria will give a similar result.

4.In a similar way, putting in ‘cantonese’, or ‘cant’ will produce Cantonese speakers.

5. You do not have to log in first (in the top right of the screen) but if you do so, using the logon and password sent to you recently, you will be able to see the Member’s/Candidate’s contact details.

6. Individual analysts can be designated a “Training Analyst” and/or a "Child Analyst" by a Constituent Organisation. On this page we are only stating whether a member is a Training and/or Child Analyst or not.  The Society listed against the person’s name is their fee paying society and not necessarily the society with which the analyst has the Training or Child Analyst status.  Training and Child Analyst status are not automatically transferable from one IPA organisation to another and it is therefore possible that a member who belongs to more than one society may have Training or Child Analyst status through only one of those Societies.  In order to check which Society an analyst’s Training or Child analyst status is through please look up the Society listing. 

If you have difficulties with your Password click ‘Log In’ and then ‘Forgot my Password’ to amend it to the text you wish. The Password must have a minimum of 6 characters.


Please send an email to ipa@ipa.org.uk if you have any questions or if your record needs to be updated.