Freud Museum London Needs Your Help


Freud’s last home, after he fled the Nazi Annexation of Austria ‘to die in freedom’ in England, was at 20 Maresfield Gardens in London.  The house became a Museum in 1986, following the wishes set down in Anna Freud’s will.  She had kept Freud’s study – his couch, his desk, his vast collection of antiquities and books – as they had been in his lifetime. It remains so today, its magical aura a draw to visitors from around the world.

Around this space, as well as Anna Freud’s working quarters and the family rooms, the Freud Museum enacts its mission of keeping Freud’s legacy and psychoanalytic thinking alive and vibrant today.  The Museum organizes a host of talks, conferences, courses, and exhibitions (both historical and by leading contemporary artists responding to Freud and the Freudian project). It houses archival papers – letters, documents - and Freud’s library, as well as a library about him, Anna,  and psychoanalysis.  Its website, where much of this is digitized and available to a wide public, is visited by millions. (

The Museum is financed by a small annual grant from the New-Land Foundation, originally set up by Anna Freud’s great friend, Muriel Gardiner.  Apart from that all its revenue comes from its own activities and charitable donations.

The opportunity has now arisen for the Museum at last to extend its public spaces into the full ground floor extent of Freud’s home.  It intends to use this space to create an Archive and Research Centre which will allow the entirety of the Museum’s holdings to be rendered easy of access for researchers and students. 

In order to take this opportunity in hand, we need to raise £1.5 million.  We ask you to help us achieve this aim and keep Freud’s legacy ever-present. Much has been achieved by the Museum in the last years to make Freud and Anna Freud’s names and work familiar. We can do more.

Even the price of one fifty-minute hour would help us achieve our goal!  The Museum will be delighted to feature the names of major donors in the house itself.

You can donate by clicking here

Lisa Appignanesi OBE
Chair, Freud Museum London Trustees