Jan Sokol

Guest Speaker at the Opening Ceremony



Jan Sokol, born in Prague in 1936, has worked as a craftsman and software developer, and as a translator from various languages. He was a signatory of the Charter 77 manifesto for human rights. In 1990 he was elected as an MP, and served as vice-chair of the chamber.

From 1992 he taught philosophy, anthropology and ethics at Charles University in Prague.

In 1998 he served briefly as Minister of Education, and in 2003 he ran for the presidency of the Czech Republic. In autumn 2009/10 he lectured on Human Rights and ethics at the Centre for the Study of World Religions at Harvard University, USA.

His most recent books include (in Czech) Ethics and Life, A Small Philosophy of Man (2010), Power, Money and Law (2007), Time and Rhythm; and Man and Religion (2004), Man as a Person (2002); and (in English) Thinking about Ordinary Matters.

His website is: www.jansokol.cz