Prizes and Awards

A number of prizes and awards are traditionally presented at the Congress, including the Hayman Prize, Elise M Hayman Award, Sacerdoti Prize, Training Today Award, Research Awards and the Tyson Prize for Candidates.

Prizes and awards connected to Congress proposals.

Note that proposals for other prizes and awards that are not connected to a Congress proposal will be invited in September 2014.

Sacerdoti Prize

This prize is for the best individual paper by a relatively young author who is presenting at an international Congress for the first time. If you wish your individual paper to be considered for this prize, please tick the box on the online form to confirm that you will be under 50 years old on 25 July 2015 and that you have not presented a paper at an international Congress before. By sending in a proposal, you will be asked to agree to make yourself available to present it at any time that the Programme Committee chooses from the pre-Congress’ beginning (0800 on 22 July 2015) to the Congress’ conclusion (in the late afternoon of 25 July 2015).

Tyson Prize

The Tyson Prize is awarded for an excellent and original clinical paper by an IPA Candidate or by an individual who has graduated from an IPA Institute since the last IPA Congress. A “clinical paper” is one that describes the essence of a psychoanalytic treatment. Three finalists, one from each region, are chosen and the winner is awarded the Tyson Prize ($500; $250 is awarded to each of the runners-up). The finalists will be invited to present their papers as part of a dedicated panel at the Congress. If you wish for your individual paper to be considered for this prize, please tick the appropriate box when completing the online form.