Chinese Psychoanalytic Congress, Shanghai

20 – 22 September 2012

Second Announcement



The 3rd Chinese Psychoanalytic Congress will be held from 20 – 22 September 2012 at the Everbright International Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai, China. This Congress is jointly organized by Shanghai Mental Health Center and Psychoanalytic Committee of Chinese Mental Health Association.


The theme of the 2012 Congress is “The Clinical Practice of Psychoanalysis in China Today”, which reflects the commitment to the past and the future in developing psychoanalysis in China. The Congress will provide the opportunity of working with the nationally- and internationally- known scholars, distinguished clinicians and participants in a multidisciplinary peer support network to focus on a variety of important issues and topics. The 2012 Chinese Psychoanalytic Congress promises to be one of the best and offers you exciting experiences including the development of new clinical approaches, refinement of therapeutic methods, exchange of clinical and empirical knowledge with colleagues, exposure to current research and theory, and new thinking on values and challenges for psychoanalytic practice in a modernizing society.

The congress will offer formats including key lectures, open lectures, workshops and open session panels on special topics and original scientific paper sessions.




President: Zeping Xiao

Advisory Committee: Heqin Yan, Decan Shen, Huayu Yang

Academic Committee:

Chairs: Zeping Xiao, Qijia Shi

Members: Zhong Cong, Benyu Guo, Datong Huo, Yifu Ji, Xianzhang Men, Wei Qing, Heyong Shen, Xiaobo Su, Jun Tong, Haowei Wang, Heming Wu, Wei Xiong, Fengchi Yang, Tianbu Zhang, Mei Zhao

Secretariat: Yong Xu, Zuo Sai

Organizing Committee:

Chairs: Yifeng Xu, Yunping Yang

Members: Wenhong Chen, Xiaoming Jia, Xiaolong Li, Tao Ling, Jianyin Qiu, Bin Xie, Yong Xu, Qifeng Zeng, Haiyin Zhang, Min Zhao, Jie Zhong (in alphabetical order)

Secretariat: Jianyin Qiu, Qing Wan

International Advisory Committee: Manfred Cierpka, Cláudio Laks Eizirik, Mattias Elzer, Alf Gerlach, Antjie Haag, Maria Teresa Hooke, Peter Loewenberg, Tomas Plaenkers, Wolfgang Senf , Sverre Varvin

Speakers invited

Charles Hanly (Canada): President of International Psychoanalytical Association Training Analyst at the Toronto Institute of Psychoanalysis

David Bell (UK): President of British Psychoanalytic Society,  Training and supervising analyst of the British Psychoanalytical Society , Psychiatrist, Adult Department, Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust       

Jorge Canestri (Italy):      Chair of the IPA International News Group Committee    Training and Supervising Analyst of Italian Psychoanalytic Association and of the Argentine Psychoanalytic Association

Peter Loewenberg (USA):   Chair of IPA China Committee Training and Supervising Analyst of the New Center for Psychoanalysis, Los Angeles

Alf Gerlach (Germany):      Member of IPA China Committee Training and Supervising Analyst, German  Psychoanalytic Association

Julian Lousada (UK):       Chair at British Psychoanalytic Council Consultant Psychotherapist at Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust

Sverre Varvin (Norway):  Member of IPA China Committee   Training and Supervising Analyst of Norwegian Psychoanalytic Society

Maria Teresa Hooke (Australia):  Member of IPA China Committee  Training and Supervising Analyst of the Australian Psychoanalytical Society

Allan Tasman (USA): Professor and Chair of Dept. of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, University of Louisville School of Medicine Past President of American Psychiatric Association

Clara Nemas (Argentina):  Member of the IPA China Committee Training Analyst of the Buenos Aires Psychoanalytic Association

David Scharff (USA):  Co-director of the International Psychotherapy Institute Vice-President of the International Association for Couple and Family Psychoanalysis

Barrie Richmond (USA):     Child and adolescent psychoanalyst of the Chicago Institute of Psychoanalysis

Tomas Plaenkers (Germany): Training and Supervising Analyst, German Psychoanalytic Association

Zeping Xiao (China): Director of Psychoanalytic Committee of the Chinese Mental Health Association

Yunping Yang (China): Vice-Director of Psychoanalytic Committee of the Chinese Mental Health Association

Qijia Shi (China): Vice-Director of Psychoanalytic Committee of the Chinese Mental Health Association

Call for papers

The congress invites individuals to submit papers.

Theme of the congress: The Clinical Practice of Psychoanalysis in China Today


Process and effect research for psychoanalytic therapy

Clinical application of psychoanalytic therapy in different populations

Psychoanalytic case formulation

Neuropsychoanalysis related research

Clinical practice and research in child and adolescent psychoanalysis

Clinical practice and research in marriage and family psychoanalysis

Training and education research in psychoanalytic therapy

Theoretical research in psychoanalysis

Cross-cultural research in psychoanalysis

The values and meanings of psychoanalysis in the present society
Other related topics and issues of psychoanalysis


Submission Guidelines:

1. The submitted paper or article should be unpublished and will be peer-reviewed.

2. The full paper or article in Chinese must be not more than 4000 words with an abstract both in Chinese and English, while an English paper and article must not be more than 6000 words with an English abstract. A Chinese abstract must be not more than 200-300 words and an English abstract not more than 600 words (The requirement for structured abstract: abstract of research paper should be submitted with the format of “objective, method, results and conclusions”; the abstract for review and other types of paper should concisely clarify the main points).

3. The paper should be edited and written in a Word document. The paper type must be A4.

4. The submitted paper should indicate the name, affiliated institute, address and zip code of the author.

5. A brief résumé of the first author should be attached in the end of the paper.

6. E-mail your full paper and abstract to this address: You will receive the feedback from the congress within 14 days of your submission.

7. The submitted paper will not be returned, if the paper hasn’t been accepted by the congress. Please keep a copy of your paper.

Deadline for submission: July 15, 2012

  10. We will inform you the decision of acceptance for your submission as early as possible, no later than July 20, 2012.


Pre-conference workshop

Date: September 18-19, 2012

Payment: Pre-register is needed. Email us at

For international scholars and participants, we only provide on-site payment.















Fee (RMB¥)




Hanni Scheid-GerlachGermany


Initial inverview in psychoanalysis


Sept. 18, am




Julian Lousada, Francesca Hume, Julian Stern, Xiao Wang (UK)


A brief introduction of British Psychoanalysis (Psychoanalytic and psychodynamic trainings at the Tavistock, psychosomatic workshop and Mental health of mental health organisations --the need for reflective space workshop)


Sept. 18, pm




Maria Teresa Hooke (Australia)


Loss, Depression and Mourning - The relevance of a psychoanalytic approach in the treatment of depressed patients


Sept. 19, pm




Julian Lousada, Francesca Hume, Julian Stern, Xiao Wang (UK)


Clinical case discussion


Sept. 19, pm






Tomas Plaenkers (Germany)


The clinical case: setting and transference


Sept. 18




Clara Nemas (Argentina


Observation observed - an outline of the nature and practice of infant observation


Sept. 18




Peter Loewenberg (USA)


Working with dreams in psychoanalysis


Sept. 18, pm & Sept. 19, am




Alf GerlachGermany


Case discussions of psychoanalytic group therapies


Sept. 18




David & Jill Scharff (USA)


Psychoanalytic family and couple Therapy






Sverre Vavin (Norway)


Advances in the understanding and treatment of traumatized patients


Sept. 19




Tao LinChina


Transference total situation and interpretation


Sept. 19




Janine Wanlass & Caroline Sehon (USA)


Psychoanalytic play therapy with children and families


Sept. 19




Julian Lousada, Francesca Hume, Julian Stern, Xiao Wang (UK)


Group study and experience


Sept. 19, am & Sept. 19, am






Barrie Richmond (USA)


From a psychoanalytic perspective: how to deal with the problems that arise in dealing with children, adolescents and their parents in the diagnostic phase and the early, middle and termination phases of analysis


Sept. 18-19





Congress registration

Registration fee:  2000 RMB¥

Payment: For international scholars and participants, we only provide on-site registration and payment.

Date: Sept. 19, 2012

Site: Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center

Hotel information

Venue of the congress: Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center Address: No. 66 Caobao Road, Shanghai, China

Tel: 021-64753288.

Hotels provided during congress:







Room rateRMB¥


Huaxia Hotel

Address: No. 38 Caobao

Road, Shanghai, China


Standard double room with breakfast




Standard triple room with breakfast




Shanghai Everbright

International Hotel

Address: No. 66 Caobao

Road, Shanghai, China


Standard double room with breakfast




Standard single room with king bed and breakfast




If you want to make reservation of hotel room, please contact us at


Congress Enquiries

Contact: Jianyin Qiu, Yong Xu, Yun Tang, Jiayan Wu 


Tel: 021-64387250-3265


Fax: 021-64387986