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“The Paternal Function in Psychoanalytic Technique” 1 October- December

It is with great pleasure that we are announcing the start of the third  IPA debate, Paternal function in psychoanalytic technique.
Rosine Perelberg (UK) has kindly agreed to chair this round of debate. The three invited contributors are Louis Brunet (Canada),
Leticia Glocer Fiorini (Argentina) and Kai Klitzing (Germany).

When we start to think about the paternal function in the analytic technique it becomes clear that we first have to define what we mean
when we say: paternal function. It has been descried amongst others as introducing the child to the symbolic world, or as the transitional
space in the analytic dyad or as the function of the preoedipal/oedipal father in triangulation. However, in fact, each theoretical school
have approached the idea of paternal function in psychoanalytic technique from a different angle.  

This debate promises to be a lively and interesting exchange of ideas as each of the participating analysts brings their perspective to this important topic.




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