This area is for stimulating the exchange of ideas on topics of psychoanalytic interest. The themes we propose will range from strictly scientific issues to more general ones. Debates will be open to either IPA Members only or to the General Public also, depending on the topic presented.Three papers from colleagues and a comment from the Chair will introduce the discussion 
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Approaches to Evaluation: from acceptance to graduation

6 February- 30 June Click on the link to participate

In anticipation of the upcoming Boston Pre-Congress and Congress, the Website Editorial Board and the Education and
Oversight Committee have joined together to begin a discussion on topics in psychoanalytic education that are of
interest to psychoanalytic institutes and educators.
The first of these debates on candidate evaluation, will run February 6 – March 31, 2015.
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Book Discussion:
February - April 2015 Click on the link to participate.

Creating a psychoanalytic mind: a psychoanalytic method and theory
by Fred Busch

As noted by IPA President Stefano Bolognini, ‘In my view Fred Busch is an authentically international psychoanalyst not only because of his wide and brilliant culture, but more specifically because of his capacity for dialogue and his special skill in understanding the other’s mentality and position: an attitude that creates new spaces, new encounters, new shared visions
both in the clinical work and in the scientific interchange


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