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Rules for use of IPA Blogs

Negative statements* concerning candidates for election must not be posted on election blogs.  Any such statements should be reported to the Elections Committee (by sending an e.mail to jo_b@ipa.org.uk) and will be treated very seriously in line with IPA Procedure.

*Negative statements Initiating, promulgating, or promoting negative statements or allegations about a candidate is prohibited and to be considered a matter worthy of report or complaint to the IPA Elections Committee.  If an IPA Member learns about such an allegation from another, it should be reported to the Committee.  The negative statement or allegation should not be conveyed to the candidate as this will be viewed as equivalent to spreading the information.  The Chair and members of the Elections Committee will make all efforts to stop such allegations from spreading and to identify the source of the negative campaigning.  This procedure applies to all negative statements and allegations, whether they are in written form, oral communications, or by electronic messages such as email.

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Any views or opinions presented in this blog are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the IPA.