Professionalism - International New Groups Committees


The aim of these committees is to expand the profession both within current and new geographic areas while maintaining high professional standards.
Committee Name
International New Groups Committee (ING)COMMITTEE/ING
International New Groups Subcommittee (ING) on EuropeCOMMITTEE/SUB EURO
International New Groups Subcommittee (ING) on Latin AmericaCOMMITTEE/SUB LA
International New Groups Subcommittee (ING) on North AmericaCOMMITTEE/SUB NA
Latin American Psychoanalytic Institute (ILAP)COMMITTEE/ILAP
Liaison Committee - Croatian Psychoanalytical SocietyCOMMITTEE/CROATIAN
Liaison Committee - Istanbul Psychoanalytic AssociationCOMMITTEE/LC_ISTANBUL
Liaison Committee - Moscow Psychoanalytic SocietyCOMMITTEE/MPS
Liaison Committee - Psychoanalytical Society of SerbiaCOMMITTEE/LC_SERBIAN
Liaison Committee - Romanian Society of PsychoanalysisCOMMITTEE/ROMANIAN
Liaison Committee - SPRF Provisional SocietyCOMMITTEE/PSL_SPRF
Panama Allied Centre Review CommitteeCOMMITTEE/PANA ACRC
Psychoanalytic Institute for Eastern Europe (PIEE)COMMITTEE/EEPI
Sponsoring Committee - Asunción Psychoanalytic Study GroupCOMMITTEE/ASUN SP CTTEE
Sponsoring Committee - Bulgaria Study GroupCOMMITTEE/SCBULG
Sponsoring Committee - CampinasCOMMITTEE/SCCAMP
Sponsoring Committee - Center for Psa Education and ResearchCOMMITTEE/SCCEIP
Sponsoring Committee - Fortaleza Group of PsychoanalysisCOMMITTEE/FORT SPONS
Sponsoring Committee - Goiania Psychoanalytic NucleusCOMMITTEE/GOIANIA SC
Sponsoring Committee - Korea Study GroupCOMMITTEE/KOREA SC
Sponsoring Committee - Latvia and EstoniaCOMMITTEE/SCLATANDEST
Sponsoring Committee - Lebanese AssociationCOMMITTEE/Lebanese SPC
Sponsoring Committee - Minas GeraisCOMMITTEE/MINAS G
Sponsoring Committee - Moscow Group of PsychoanalysisCOMMITTEE/MSP
Sponsoring Committee - Nucleo Psicanalitico de CuritibaCOMMITTEE/SC_CURITIBA
Sponsoring Committee - Panama Study GroupCOMMITTEE/SC_PANAMA
Sponsoring Committee - Portuguese Study GroupCOMMITTEE/PORT SPON
Sponsoring Committee - Psa Society of Leon - Mexico (SOPAC)COMMITTEE/SVC_SOPAC
Sponsoring Committee - South Africa Study GroupCOMMITTEE/SOUTH AFRICA
Sponsoring Committee - Study Group of Turkey (PSIKE)COMMITTEE/PSIKE SPC
Sponsoring Committee - Vermont Study GroupCOMMITTEE/VERMONTSC
Sponsoring Committee - Vilnius Society of PsychoanalysisCOMMITTEE/VILNIUS
SVC - Mexico City Freudian GroupCOMMITTEE/SVC_MCFREUD
Taiwan Allied Centre Review CommitteeCOMMITTEE/TAIWAN ACRC
Tunisian Allied Centre Review CommitteeCOMMITTEE/TUNIS ACRC