China Committee Mandate

The purpose of the Committee will be to advertise the possibility of training as an IPA psychoanalyst; providing advice to those interested in training; creating a curriculum for training; setting up a system of admission and progress evaluation for candidates; and developing an ongoing research reflection into the problems encountered and their solutions.

The Functions of the Committee

Advertising the existence of IPA training
Advertising the existence of IPA training and providing advice to interested persons will make it clear that various opportunities exist in IPA institutes to have psychoanalysis or train as a psychoanalyst either completely or partially.  The Committee will try to make these possibilities well known.


Creating a curriculum

A suitable curriculum for understanding the theory and practice of psychoanalysis will be developed to accommodate those who can use it.  Attendance at these curriculum events will not necessarily require admission to the training but might be limited to those with experience of personal psychoanalysis.  One Vice Chair on the Committee will be responsible for this.

Admission and progression

A set of policies to govern admission and progression will be developed and approved by the Chair of the ING and the Education and Oversight Committee.  It is this Committee that will eventually propose candidates to the ING for Direct Membership of the IPA.  Such recommendations as are supported by the Board will then be put to the IPA Business Meeting for approval.  Unless the Board decides otherwise, this will be the only means by which Chinese candidates training in China may achieve Direct Membership of the IPA.

One Vice Chair on the Committee will be responsible for exploring the particular issues and problems that may arise in the China context and examining the particular problems and the effectiveness of any solutions.

General operating principles
Future Groups
It is the expectation that these Direct Members (perhaps together with Chinese residents trained within existing IPA institutions) will eventually achieve Study Group status.  The China Committee is seen as a temporary means of helping to achieve a sufficient number of Direct Members in China so that the IPA’s normal developmental procedures can then operate (the progression of a Study Group into Provisional and then Component Society status). 

Limits of Responsibility
The China Committee’s responsibility for overseeing candidates training under its auspices will end when they are approved as Direct Members by the IPA Business Meeting.  At this point, a transition of responsibility will occur.  These approved Direct Members become the responsibility of the IPA’s International New Groups Committee, until such time as they form Study Groups, at which time they come under the auspices of an IPA Sponsoring Committee.  Once a Study Group or Study Groups are established, candidates who can conduct their training under the auspices of the IPA Sponsoring Committee of one of these Study Groups will be expected to do so, and not under the auspices of the China Committee.  Where it is impractical for this to happen, the Chair of the International New Groups Committee may authorize the China Committee to oversee the training of such candidates.

Separation of Training Activity from Allied Centre Activities
Allied Centres are not intended to operate as Study Groups i.e to engage in IPA training activities. The Committee should ensure there is a clear separation of IPA training activities from those of the Allied Centre.


Freedom of Choice

Application for training under the auspices of the China Committee shall be entirely voluntary.  There is no intention to prevent candidates from China from seeking to become candidates of other existing IPA Institutes and achieving their training and subsequent membership of the relevant Society and thus the IPA through such routes, rather than through Direct Membership in China.

Candidates at IPA Institutes
The China Committee will have no responsibility or authority in respect of Chinese candidates training at IPA Institutes in countries other than China.  IPA Institutes training Chinese candidates outside China will be asked to inform the China Committee that they are training such candidates as this will be useful in determining when it may be possible to recommend the creation of Study Groups in China.  Such Institutes will seek the approval of candidates before passing their names to the China Committee. 

Candidates with Some IPA Institute Training
In circumstances where candidates who have received some training from IPA Institutes outside China choose to take up training under the auspices of the China Committee, the Committee will determine the requirements that must be met by the candidate in order to complete his/her training. 

Candidates Seeking IPA Institute Training
In circumstances where candidates training under the auspices of the China Committee choose to take up training in an IPA Institute outside China, the China Committee will provide that Institute with such information as it may reasonably require to determine whether and how to incorporate the candidate into its procedures and standards.

Development and Outreach
The China Committee shall collaborate with the China Allied Centre in terms of developing psychoanalysis in China, notwithstanding that no training functions may take place within the Allied Centre.

The Committee may organize Conferences, Workshops or other means of promoting psychoanalysis within China subject to Board approval of annual plans.   

The Committee will foster international links in order to assist development of psychoanalysis in China.


In so far as possible the Committee will co-ordinate and integrate all the existing teaching activities and programs, including the established on-going German and Norwegian teaching programs and developing Australian programs.

The Structure and Operations of the China Committee
The Chair and members of the China Committee will be appointed by the President following consultation with the Chair of the International New Groups Committee.  With the exception of the Vice Chair(s) responsible for Admission and Progression who will be appointed by the Chair of the International New Groups Committee in consultation with the President.  One or more members of the China Committee will visit China not less than twice per year to carry out the functions detailed above. 

Cost to Candidates
The China Committee will recommend and the IPA Treasurer will approve a standard joining and annual fee to be charged to candidates who wish to train in China under the auspices of the China Committee.  The joining fee will be payable only after candidates are first interviewed and is only payable by accepted candidates.  The annual fee will be payable for each calendar year with half the annual fee being payable if the candidate is accepted after 1 July for the first year.  The purpose of these fees will be to support the work of the China Committee. 

As a condition of acceptance, the China Committee will refer the candidate to the IPA office in London, which will make arrangements for payment.  The London office will inform the China Committee if, at any time, it is unable to secure the necessary funds and cannot make contact with the candidate concerned.  The IPA reserves the right to end the relationship with any candidate who does not pay the agreed fees.  No candidate will be put to the Business Meeting for approval as a Direct Member unless all relevant fees have been paid.

Accepted candidates will receive a welcome letter from London once the joining fee is received, outlining the IPA’s data protection policy.  

Annual Plans, Reporting and Budget
The China Committee should aim to be self financing as soon as practicable.  The Chair of the China Committee will report to the International New Groups Committee prior to each meeting of the Board.  The Chair of the International New Groups Committee will submit a written report to the Board, covering the work of the China Committee, not less than once a year, but is required to give an oral report on the work of the Committee at any Board meetings where a written report is not submitted.

The Committee will present annual plans and a budget request to the Board each year and submit annual reports using the standard IPA reporting forms.

The Chair and Members of this Committee will be assumed to have submitted their resignations on the change of IPA administration in accordance with the Committees section within the IPA’s Procedural Code.

Approved by the Board July 2008