Prague - opening speech

Dear friends and colleagues,

My dream had just come true, we have Psychoanalytic Society. Psychoanalysis in Croatia has a long history, and a short one. Back in 30’s in the last century professor Stjepan Betlheim, psychoanalyst of Vienna Psychoanalytical Society, worked in Zagreb. Since then, until year of 2004, 70 years have passed. Psychoanalytical Study Group was founded that year in Zagreb. Our struggle for psychoanalysis was long and hard.

To be honest, although many of our colleagues were helping us, there were ones who were setting us obstacles. There were a great number of dear colleagues and friends who were helping us unselfishly over the years. Unfortunately, I can’t mention them all in this few minutes. I hope those who won’t be mentioned will forgive me, although I think of them too. First of all, there is Dr. Paolo Fonda; he invited late professor Nikolić and me to complete our psychoanalytical training in Trieste in 1992. We gladly accepted this invitation and were travelling to see him and Dr. Jogana for years. Without him, and late Tamara Popović, I wouldn’t be here with you today. We also got a lot from Sponsoring Committee and late professor Hanceler, who was head of Committee at the time and Dr. Paola Golinelli later, and also Dr. Mikot and Dr. Smithisen as members. They worked with us, patiently and friendly, for nine years. They worked hard with us, although it wasn’t always easy. And we are endlessly grateful. In times that were the hardest in our struggle, we had selfless support from late Haan Genpraken and Italian Psychoanalytic Society. Thank them so much. We also got a lot of help from Polojaz Family Foundation that granted, and still grants visits from eminent Italian psychoanalysts. Psychoanalysts from Amsterdam were selflessly helping our candidates in theoretical education and I thank them for that.  I also remember all support and help provided by Vamik Volkana, Illany Kogan, Gabor Szonija, Etor Jogan and so many others.

To those who were mentioned and those who weren’t, thank you so much.

Likewise, thank you dear colleagues and friends.