Dear President, Dear Members and Dear Friends,

We are here after a long trip, and today, we take a significant step in order to institutionalize psychoanalysis in Turkey. In psychoanalysis, proceeding "alone" is not possible. I would like to sincerely thank all the colleagues who believed us, and all the associations, starting from  International Psychoanalytical Association, European Psychoanalytical Federation, and Paris Psychoanalytical Society, all those  made this progress possible.

I would like to add that, our society with many young candidates, is willing to contribute to the dynamism of International Psychoanalytical Association,  in the future.

In addition to that, we felt your solidarity about the recent social and political events that took place in our country and we really appreciate it.

There are many names to be thankful. I would like to mention one of them: Our founding president who took the lead in the development of  psychoanalysis in Turkey, Talat Parman. I would like to thank him on behalf of all who have a link with psychoanalysis in Turkey.

I would also like to mention the names of Bernard Penot and Yolanda Gampel with respect , due to their support right from the beginning of our journey.

Thank you very much.

Ayça Gurdal Kuey
Istanbul Psychoanalytical Association, President