Committee for the Evaluation of Research Proposals

Applications 2014 TBA

Announcing the 2013 request for submissions for the Committee for the Evaluation of Research Proposals and Results (CERP). Applications are invited that address questions of research in psychoanalytically relevant areas. The Research Committee of the IPA is undertaking an effort to focus psychoanalytic research supported by the Association to a greater extent than it has in the past. For the next few years we will be particularly interested in supporting research into unconscious mental processes as broadly conceptualized. While proposals on other topics remain welcome and will be carefully evaluated, during this round of funding, proposals focused on unconscious mental processes will receive priority. Studies by IPA Members who have attended Research Training Programs, and studies by IPA Candidates are particularly welcome, however, applications are welcome from any suitably qualified individual who can meet our criteria.

The Small Grant Program is established and is available only to IPA Candidates and IPA Members who were recent graduates (less than three years post-graduation). The Small Grant application is limited to 5 single-spaced pages, the maximum award is $5000, and we can help in arranging for mentors to be available to assist in developing the application if required. 

Due date for the submission is TBA. We are using an online application system and you are strongly advised to read the online guide before starting your application.

To access the guide CLICK HERE


The Research grant application uses the following procedure for all applications:

  1. all applicants submit a single-spaced  Abstract/Summary that should be typed or copied directly into the abstract box of the online application form along with the amount requested and other relevant information as requested.
  2. you should also upload a full application limited to 10 single-spaced pages, or a Small Grant application which is limited to 5 single-spaced pages; including a brief curriculum vitae of the Principal Investigator and any co-investigators, details of the sponsoring institution and the budget. A full application may request a maximum award of $15,000.
  3. a minimum of three reviewers will be allocated to each application.
  4.  the primary reviews of each application are each submitted to the CERP for the secondary, executive review.
  5. applicants of approved proposals are notified, and are required to obtain approval of an Institutional Review Board (IRB) before funds will be awarded. Applicants are strongly urged to obtain IRB approval from a local university or institution which does not charge a fee for the review. If the applicant is unable to obtain a local IRB review, the applicant may apply to the IRB at the Washington Psychoanalytic Center. Half of the fee for that review will be deducted from the funds awarded to that applicant, and half will be provided by the IPA.
  6. applicants of rejected proposals are notified and provided with the peer reviewer comments as an aid to any future application.

All submissions must be in English and must be submitted using the online form CLICK HERE  or by following the link from the IPA Home page at

Research applicants should be aware that due to budget constraints CERP is unable to fund all worthwhile applications. Even when we limit awards to the more outstanding applications, our financial constraints require that we award only some limited proportion of the amount of funds requested by each investigator. Applications judged to be outstanding have received high ratings from all three primary reviewers; if one of the three reviewers is not impressed with the proposal, it is unlikely to be funded. Further, applicants should consider that no researcher has all research applications funded. Given the limited research funds for all granting agencies, all researchers must expect from time to time that their application will not be funded.

A list of frequently asked questions is available by CLICKING HERE.