An Open Door Review of Clinical, Conceptual, Process and Outcome

Studies in Psychoanalysis

Third Edition

We would like to inform you that the IPA Research Board, chaired by Mark Solms, has commissioned us, Marianne Leuzinger-Bohleber and Horst Kächele, to prepare a third edition of the very successful Open Door Review which appeared in 2001 in its second version. Following the leads provided by the IPA Board we have decided to broaden the scope of this review to include also clinical-empirical and conceptual studies.

The Open Door Review is mainly directed to the interest of clinicians (IPA members etc.) who want to be informed about the State of the art of psychoanalytical treatment research. It will not be an alternative to any handbook or review of papers in journals. Therefore we ask for concise summaries of the studies or sub-studies which have been published separately. Please use the format below (1-2 pages) (see example attached by Kernberg). We also can include monographic reports summarizing the content in our format (with the reference to the original publication). Please also mail an abstract of the study to us which will be included in a separate file of the Open Door Review.

We would appreciate very much if many of you would mail information on psychoanalytical treatment studies since 2000 to us in order to guarantee a broad spectrum of research done in contemporary psychoanalysis.

As format we ask for:

-Title, author(s) and affiliation
-an abstract (1-2 pages)
-all pertinent references.

Click here for an example

Horst Kächele & Marianne Leuzinger-Bohleber

For a copy of the previous Second edition go here.