Governance Task Force Members


The IPA's Rules & Procedures Committee and its consultant proposed a review of the IPA's Governance - the Articles, Rules and Procedural Code. ExCom appointed a specialist legal advisor who has produced a streamlined proposal that increases to the maximum extent practicable the amount of sovereignty vested in the IPA's Members. More detailed work is needed to produce a final set of proposals for the January 2014 Board to consider. It is therefore proposed to establish a task force to take this work forward. To ensure that the development of the proposals is aligned with the IPA's strategy, it is proposed that the Task Force should consist of the Board Representatives and officers who make up ExCom.


  1. To review the draft proposals developed by both the Rules & Procedures Committee and the specialist legal advisor, Francesca Quint;
  2. To develop, if possible for the 2014 Board meeting, a set of final proposed changes for the Board to consider, incorporating both the Articles and the Procedural Code (and, if so decided, the Rules) - all by whatever name called.

Ways of working and reporting

The Committee shall conduct the majority of its work electronically. Any face-to-face meetings should take place adjacent to other IPA meetings at which all members would anyway be present.

Composition of the committee

The committee shall consist of the members of ExCom (ie, the President (who will chair), Vice President and Treasurer, and three Board Representatives (one from each Region), and the Executive Director shall be the non-voting Secretary.


The committee may access the IPA's Legal Affairs budget to pay for specialist legal advice.

NameCommittee PositionFrom dateCountrySociety
Dr. Stefano BologniniChair8/1/2013ItalyItalian Psychoanalytical Society100918
Mrs. Alexandra BillinghurstMember8/1/2013SwedenSwedish Psychoanalytical Association143259
Dr. Andrew BrookMember7/24/2015CanadaCanadian Psychoanalytic Society101111
Sr. Jorge BruceMember7/27/2015PeruPeru Psychoanalytic Society150403
Dr. Nicolas de CoulonMember7/27/2015SwitzerlandSwiss Society of Psychoanalysis109812
Dr. Jack NovickMember7/27/2015United StatesThe Contemporary Freudian Society105891
Mr. Paul CrakeEx-Officio8/1/2013United Kingdom 157979