Integrated Training Committee Members


This Committee is asked:

  1. To explore whether or not there already exists any training program which integrates child and adolescent training with adult training in any of the Constituent Organizations of the IPA.

  2. To explore the concepts of an integrated curriculum - its aims, dimensions, requirements, limitations and potential contributions to psychoanalytic education.

  3. To consider the implications of an integrated curriculum in relation to the specific requirements of the Eitingon, Uruguayan and French educational models.

  4. To propose a framework for an integrated curriculum which could be applied to all three training models.

  5. To estimate the potential contribution to psychoanalytic education of an integrated curriculum, including the possible effects on the recruitment of candidates interested specifically in child and adolescent analysis.

  6. To prepare a report for the IPA Board not later than in July 2013, with an interim report in July 2012 outlining the progress achieved.

The Committee is required to consult the Education and Oversight Committee at appropriate stages during its work to ensure that its proposals are at least consistent with the IPA's general educational standards.

The Chair and members of this Committee will be assumed to have submitted their resignations on the change of IPA administration in accordance with the Committees section within the IPA's Procedural Code.

Approved by the Board in April 2011.

NameCommittee PositionFrom dateCountrySociety
Dra. Virginia R. UngarChair1/15/2011ArgentinaBuenos Aires Psychoanalytic Association108297
Mrs. Madeleine BachnerMember1/15/2011SwedenSwedish Psychoanalytical Association141614
Dr. Phyllis BerenMember4/12/2011United StatesInstitute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research100673
Prof. Shmuel ErlichMember1/15/2012IsraelIsrael Psychoanalytic Society102289
Dra. Silvia FlechnerMember4/12/2011UruguayUruguayan Psychoanalytical Association140037
Mme Florence Marie GuignardMember11/25/2013SwitzerlandParis Psychoanalytical Society100608
Dr. Alan SugarmanMember12/30/2013United StatesAmerican Psychoanalytic Association107975
Mrs. Kerry Kelly NovickEx-Officio11/25/2013United StatesThe Contemporary Freudian Society105892
Dr. Fernando WeissmannEx-Officio8/1/2013ArgentinaArgentine Psychoanalytic Association108626