Research Liaison Group Members

The IPA has a proud tradition of providing significant funding to support original research in psychoanalysis. The IPA Board at its meeting in July 2012 reaffirmed its commitment to this tradition.

Recognising the importance of ensuring open and constructive communication, the Board also unanimously agreed to establish a joint liaison group between itself and the IPA's International Research Board, to develop an informative and mutually beneficial dialogue.

The Research Liaison Group ("RLG") will be provided in a timely way with all documents that they need to be able to discuss and evaluate the current research programme, projects, and ideas for future research work. Their principal concern is to determine how closely research work aligns with, and supports, the IPA's strategic objectives.

The RLG will consist of:

  • 3 members of the IPA Board (one from each region); and
  • 3 members of the IRB;

all to be appointed by the IPA President with the consent of the Board; the latter three after consultation with the IRB. No-one shall serve on the RLG for more than six years, and all will be considered to have resigned at a change of President unless specifically invited to continue.

The RLG will report to each meeting of the IPA Board, and the IPA Board members of RLG may report whenever they wish (either as a group or individually) to ExCom or the officers.

Approved by the Executive Committee in November 2012

NameCommittee PositionFrom dateCountrySociety
Prof. Dr. phil. Marianne Leuzinger-BohleberCo-Chair1/30/2013GermanyGerman Psychoanalytical Association104758
Dr. Ricardo Eugenio BernardiMember1/31/2013UruguayUruguayan Psychoanalytical Association100733
Dr. Robert M. Galatzer-LevyMember1/31/2013United StatesAmerican Psychoanalytic Association102790