The European Psychoanalytic Institute (EPI) Members

This Institute has been set up in collaboration with the European Psychoanalytic Federation. Its purspose is to select, train, teach and recommend qualified candidates for Direct Membership of the IPA in the countries of Europe where no psychoanalytic training institutes exist to perform these functions.


The Institute shall select, train, teach and recommend qualified candidates for Direct Membership of the IPA in the countries of Europe where no training institutes exist to perform these functions. It is assumed that those who become graduates of the Institute (and thus Direct Members of the IPA) will form themselves into Study Groups and they, in turn, will move on towards Provisional and Component Society status.

  1. The IPA and the EPF are agreed that, because the intended structure is experimental, it should be very firmly and transparently research based - having to innovate to provide personal analytic experience or long range supervision but doing so under strictly monitored and reported conditions paying especially careful attention to evaluating the success and consequence of methods of learning from experience.

  2. The Institute's responsibility will end in relation to its graduates when the recommendation for their Direct Membership of the IPA is approved by its Executive Council. At this point, a transition of responsibility will occur so that these recommended Direct Members become the responsibility of the IPA's International New Groups Committee.

  3. However, should such recommended and Direct Members (or Study Groups or Provisional Societies which they are subsequently members of ) request it, and the IPA's International New Groups/Sponsoring/Liaison Committee and the Institute agree, such recommended and Direct Members/Study Groups or Provisional Societies may continue to have a relationship with the Institute. The nature of such a relationship is left to the Board, the IPA's International New Groups Committee/Study Group/Provisional Society and the Sponsoring/Liaison Committee collectively to agree.

  4. The Institute shall ensure the achievement of IPA criteria in training, teaching and recommendation of candidates to become Direct Members. In doing this it shall aim to offer a set of consistent criteria for its candidates while taking account of and being informed about the various different methodologies for training currently existing in Europe.

  5. The Institute's research function will focus on exploring and reporting on the effect of its efforts to train competent psychoanalytic practitioners. This will require a clear statement of the different components of the training and their intended outcomes as well as an effort to explore the effects, comparative to other training methods.

  6. The Institute will also have outreach responsibility through which it will seek to bring an understanding of psychoanalysis, its basic methodology and its training aims to the attention of the mental health professionals and others in the wider European region where it is engaged.

NameCommittee PositionFrom dateCountrySociety
Endel TalvikAssociate Director of The Training Section1/1/2015EstoniaDirect Members - European Region146051
Dr. Christoph E. WalkerAssociate Director of The Training Section1/1/2015GermanyGerman Psychoanalytical Association109859
Igor M. KadyrovDirector1/1/2015RussiaMoscow Psychoanalytic Society 140494
Frau Eva Schmid-GloorMember1/1/2015SwitzerlandSwiss Society of Psychoanalysis109522
Endel TalvikMember4/29/2014EstoniaDirect Members - European Region146051
Dr. Paolo FondaEx-Officio1/1/2015ItalyItalian Psychoanalytical Society102591