Appointments Committee Members


The Board recognises the President's constitutional right to appoint Committee members, in consultation with and subject to rejection by the Board. The proposals below are intended to strengthen the process of consultation with the Board, so the Board may be better informed as to the President's appointees before the Board votes on these issues.

The Committee shall:

  1. consult with the regions and compile a list of qualified and interested members ready and willing to serve on IPA Committees,

  2. recommend prospective appointees from this list to the President,

  3. report to the Board on all prospective appointments (including both those proposed by the President and those recommended to the President by the Committee) prior to a Board vote to ratify such appointments.


The Appointments Committee will consist of one Board representative from each region. The members will each serve for a single, two-year term.

Approved by the Board August 2011.

Amended by the Board January 2014.

NameCommittee PositionFrom dateCountrySociety
Sr. Jorge BruceMember2/24/2014PeruPeru Psychoanalytic Society150403
Dra med. Anna Maria Nicolò CoriglianoMember2/24/2014ItalyItalian Psychoanalytical Society105836
Dr. Jack NovickMember2/24/2014United StatesThe Contemporary Freudian Society105891