Congress Venue


The Congress is being held at the: Seaport Hotel, Renaissance Hotel, Westin Hotel and the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston, Massachusetts, US.

These spectacular
settings on the oceanfront will host our opening and closing ceremonies and Gala Dinner. 

We expect the Cong
ress to have a University “campus” atmosphere. The scale of the Congress means that we will have sessions taking place across the different venues, which are all within walking distance. 


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I get my tickets in advance: No, all ticketing is done on site using our ticket printing kiosks. Please remember to bring your confirmation with you to use this self service system.
  2. How and when will I get my badge: Your badge will be printed on site when you get your tickets using the self service check in kiosks.
  3. What does my pass type give me access to: Everything except closed sessions. Please check your programme.
  4. What languages will be spoken at Congress: All 4 IPA languages will be used at Congress. Some sessions will be in Simultaneous Interpretation. Please check your Programme.
  5. Invitation letter/Visa application: If needed, a letter can be provided for you on request.
  6. When will the ticket system be open: The self service kiosks will be available from midday on Monday 20 July. We will endeavour to keep at least one kiosk open 24 hours.
  7. What are the hours for the help desk: The help desk will be open from 7:30 to 18:00 each day from Wednesday to Saturday. A reduced service will be made available on Monday and Tuesday. If your enquiry is not about ticket availability please try to attend the help desk during a quite period to enable us to prioritise on ticketing issues.
  8. Can I pre-enrol for a session: Pre-enrolment is only available on certain sessions clearly identified in the ticket structure. All other sessions are run on a first come first served basis subject only to the session type not being identified as restricted.
  9. How do I know which sessions are eligible for CME credit: Sessions which are eligible for CME credit are listed in the Preliminary/Final Program with a CME icon next to the session title.
  10. When can I get a Certificate of Attendance: A self service kiosk will be made available from Thursday 23 July to print certificates of attendance. This service will only be available during the hours the help desk is open.