Boston Groups

The ‘Boston Groups’ are a new initiative for the 2015 Congress. The aim of the Boston Groups is to allow people from different parts of the psychoanalytic world to meet in a small and intimate setting.  The Groups will be an international mix of Members, Candidates and non-members who will meet online before the Congress to discuss the keynote papers and the main Congress themes. The Groups will then have the opportunity to meet and continue their work in person at the Congress. Boston Groups will be moderated and run in English and with English as a second-language, where we will rely on the support of Group participants to help each other with language barriers.

Personally my thinking regarding the Boston Groups is that they will provide us with the chance of discovering both how we differ and how we are alike in the way we work and think in different parts of the world. By, in discussion, defining and redefining the concepts we use and the assumptions we make we will be enriched by the others, and also be provided with the chance of further discovering how we ourselves think theoretically and with our patients. Not only by “the experts” and the people who offer their knowledge in panels and individual papers at the congress, but also by our peers and colleagues in other parts of the world.” Alexandra Billinghurst, Vice President

Before joining a Boston Group, please read the Terms and Conditions for Participation. Participants may join a Boston Group free of charge. In order to maximise the collaborative intent of Boston Groups, you should only join a Boston Group if you intend to participate in the Boston Congress.