General guidance notes for your proposal

All proposals must be made online in the language in which you intend to present, either English or French or German or Spanish. Please ensure that you load the correct language form before you start your application. You will be the principal point of contact responsible for liaising with the IPA London Office over the administration of this activity.

When you make your proposal, you will be asked for:

1. The title in the language in which you intend to present and/or in which the activity will operate.
2. An abstract (no more than 500 words) in the language in which you intend to present and/or in which the activity will operate. An abstract is not required for Poster proposals.
3. A summary (no more than 50 words) in the language in which you intend to present and/or in which the activity will operate.
4. The names and e-mail addresses of of those involved in the project (eg. author and co-authors, Chair and panelists, etc).

You will be asked to agree to the IPA’s terms and conditions, which include (i) agreement that the IPA can publish your application, if successful, on its website and elsewhere, and (ii) a declaration regarding clinical confidential material.

You will also be asked to confirm if your proposal is to be considered for any of the IPA prizes and to indicate your audio/visual equipment needs, if your proposal is successful. The Programme Committee cannot guarantee that equipment requests will be met.

Your proposal cannot be considered without all these items.

Further guidance notes for specific activities

Individual Papers
Each paper will be followed by approximately 15/30 minutes of discussion. The Paper must take no more than 30 minutes to read aloud (as a guide, this means your paper should be approximately 5,000 words long). Your paper must not have been previously published, accepted for publication or read at an international conference.

Papers sent in should ideally be anonymous. Accordingly, your name and other identifying elements should be removed from your manuscript, so far as possible.
The full and final paper, in the language in which you intend to give it, must be received at the same time as your proposal. It is not possible to send in a paper in one language but then present it in another. You may not amend the paper after you have sent it in.

Panel Presentations
Panels will typically focus on a single topic and be composed of up to 4 panellists and a Chair. This should be structured as 60 minutes for the panellists’ presentations, including the discussion between panellists, and 30 minutes for audience discussion.

Proposals are strongly preferred which relate to a Congress theme. All presenters are required to have read the presentations of their fellow-panellists in advance and have prepared a commentary on them as part of the panel.

Proposals for panels that include short extracts from films or TV programmes should also be included here (see the Films section below for the terms and conditions that apply to such presentations).

In making a panel proposal, you must ensure that all proposed panellists have sufficient fluency in the language in which the panel will be conducted.

An example of a Panel summary would be: This panel will deal with topic X. It includes contributions from Dr A (on aspect W), Dr B (on aspect Y) and Dr C (on aspect Z).

Panels may be allocated a slot – if accepted – during the Wednesday morning (22 July) pre-Congress sessions.

If your panel proposal is accepted, you must send the full text to the IPA by 8 February 2015. Making a panel proposal implies consent to this condition.

Small Discussion Groups (SDGs)

SDGs will last for up to one and a half hours and will allow the audience to explore a topic of mutual interest. These may be associated with a panel or lecture. Proposals should include a Chair and no more than 5 invited contributors. Considering the participative nature of this activity, aggregate presentation time (the total length of all presentations combined) must be a maximum of 20 minutes.

In making a proposal, you must ensure that all colleagues named have sufficient fluency in the language in which the SDG will be conducted.

Poster displays of research, clinical and theoretical work will be considered for presentation.

The poster itself is not required at this point, but you should provide a title and a summary. The maximum size of the poster is 1 metre (3 ft) x 0.75 metres (2 ft 5 ins).

Courses and Workshops
This is a three day activity designed for authors and those who have specialized in a particular issue/theme. Each course or workshop should be a special opportunity for in depth study with those in attendence. These studies could be on a specific author, field or any other topic you may want to present.

Up to 6 contributors and 1 Chair may be listed.

Film sessions should be a maximum of 3 hours in duration, including dicussion. Films without English dialogue should be shown in a version with English sub-titles, if possible.
Proposals should include the title of the film, a Chair and up to 4 discussants, and the language in which the post-film discussion will take place.

You must confirm that you have obtained all the required rights and permissions for your production, including signed release forms for every participant (and, where they are under 18 years of age, from their parent or guardian), and that the IPA will not be exposed to any claims for copyright or other performance or related rights – and if any such claims are made you agree to indemnify the IPA against both all claims and any legal costs the IPA considers necessary to defend itself.